Gay Surrogacy- 7 Tips for Gay Couple Surrogacy Success

Gay Surrogacy- 7 Tips for Gay Couple Surrogacy Success

by Neelam Chhagani

Gay Surrogacy GuideGay surrogacy/ same sex surrogacy/LGBT surrogacy is possible with our affordable yet legally secure surrogacy plan. 

Becoming a parent via surrogacy is a challenging task itself. However, for gay couple encompassing Gay Surrogacy journey can be an intimidating yet exciting enterprise.

It goes without saying that embarking parenthood with the help of the surrogate mother, can be an emotionally and financially tiring process

However, in the end, it can be the most joyous, satisfying, and life-changing journey for the parents.  The overall experience not only gives the joy of parenthood but takes a generation forward and lay the foundation of future challenges.

For gay men, who wish to become a parent via surrogacy, there are limited legal options. We have been supporting same-sex parents and Gay Surrogacy for a long time now. Over the years, we have helped to complete numerous Gay Couple Surrogacy programs.

How does surrogacy work for gay couples?

For gay couples, before starting this arduous and long journey, it is beneficial if they research deeply about the legally viable gay couple surrogacy options along with expected gay surrogacy cost.

Here are seven useful tips for surrogacy for gay couples who are planning to become dads via gay surrogacy:

1. Know why you are choosing gay surrogacy over the adoption.

The option of adoption is lucrative, and it comes with an added advantage. It gives a family to a child and much-needed child to the parents. Most people admire the act of kindness and good work toward society.

However, the adoption process is not easy, and for a same-sex couple, it can be a bit more complicated. None the less, it is an option many parents choose even though the baby is not genetically linked with the parents. So, gay men adoption can be an answer for you.

If you wish to have a genetic link with the baby, the right option is doing IVF with egg donor surrogacy. When you choose to pursue family via surrogacy, you create a new child, a new life, a new person.

No matter what preference you have, the joy of bringing new life is there.

2. Understand all the people involved in your surrogacy process and the roles they have. A surrogate mother for gay couple plays a most important role.

Gay Couple Surrogacy includes a lot of people. The first and far most important task is to choose a surrogacy agency which is open to working with same-sex couples. It is good to give the full project to a dependable surrogacy agency than trying to put things together.

With right surrogacy agency, choosing the right IVF Clinic, the egg donor and surrogate mother, reproductive lawyer, pregnancy care doctor and support groups come easy.

A trusted surrogacy agency can help you in each step with full information. A surrogacy agency can make the overall surrogacy process hassle-free and less stressful for the parent.

3. Know the surrogacy law and understand that legislation can change anytime

As surrogacy itself is a dynamic field. The laws in each country are different and sometimes different within a country. In most US State surrogacy arrangement is illegal and in some States, only hetero couple’s surrogacy arrangement is allowed. Some state like California, allow gay couple surrogacy and same-sex fertility treatments.

4. Have a contingency budget as there are always unexpected gay surrogacy costs.

Surrogacy, by mean, is not a cheap process. Remaining mindful of surrogacy costs before, during, and after the birth of a surrogate baby is critical. The medical procedure cost of IVF and creating embryos is much more than any standard medical procedure.

That is one of the reasons for the high cost of fertility treatment. So, even before having an actual surrogate mother, surrogacy agreement, pregnancy care, the cost of harvesting eggs, creating embryos, storing embryos, genetic testing on embryos is much higher.

The surrogacy related fee and legal fee add to the existing high price. Always keep 10% of total fee aside, for contingency cost. Gay surrogacy costs are a bit higher than hetero couples due to egg donor and extra IVF for both partners.

The fee for additional embryos transfers in surrogate mother, or subsequent IVF fee, if needed, cost of twins babies, and premature deliveries are something need to be planned for.

5. Have patience and faith

The gay couple surrogacy process can take 1-2 years from the start till end. It depends on how many IVF cycles and embryos transfer needed on surrogate mother.

The research about the surrogacy process and getting familiar with the journey can take a lot of time. Even after signing the agreements, it takes quite a lots of time to select an egg donor. Same goes with matching a surrogate mother.

The medical procedure of IVF with an egg donor and surrogate mother synchronization and actual transfer can take up to 2 months. In case the surrogate mother is not successfully pregnant after the first embryo transfer, then a few more months is needed for preparing surrogate again.

Even after surrogate pregnancy confirmation, it takes almost nine months and then baby birth.

Legal proceeding of taking baby citizenship and passport takes a few more weeks. Consider each step as a milestone, and achieving each one should be celebrated.

6. Keep a positive attitude

In a surrogacy process, there are a lot of things which might go wrong or sometimes go out of control.

Finding an egg donor of specific requirement can take time. Egg donor and surrogate matching can take quite a time for some Intended Parents. Throughout the process, keeping a positive outlook is important to maintain sanity.

Just do your best and hope for the best. A positive attitude attracts a positive outcome.

7. Have a plan for how much you want your donor and your surrogate to be a part of your family’s life.

In Gay Couple Surrogacy, the egg donor and surrogate mother play an integral part to make families possible for gay men. Many gay dads keep in touch with an egg donor and surrogate mother. The level of contact with an egg donor and surrogate mother is the individual preference of each parent.

Thanks to current trends in social media, for keeping a close touch with all parties. The sharing of photos and update of the child with an egg donor and surrogate mother is part of many gay dads. At what time and to what extent kids should know about their biological mother and surrogate mother depend on each couple.

Gay Surrogacy cost made affordable.Conclusion for gay surrogacy/same sex surrogacy/ LGBT Surrogacy

To start with finding a surrogate mother can be an emotionally overwhelming experience for all parents.  There are lots of doubts and confusion among the parents to whom to trust, what should they ask, where to draw a line to get not too personal and how much to trust her.

As the desire to have a baby is so deep that even before the journey started, the commission parent wishes very best for the future baby.

As the baby is an integral part of the surrogate mother for almost 9 months, choosing an honest, kind and loving surrogate mother is topmost priority for all prospective parents. When it comes to gay couples, they are very much dependent on gestational mother help for carrying a baby.

Choosing the best surrogacy agency along with the right surrogacy country is very important for gays couples.  For same-sex surrogacy, affordable yet legal options are rarely there.  It exposes them to un-regulated and unethical surrogacy operators.

The internet is full of surrogacy service providers and most of them are inexperienced and have shady practice. With huge financial and emotional aspect, it is wise to consult a trusted and experienced surrogacy consultant like IVF Conceptions, which has only the best interest of parents in mind.

We have been assisting gay Intended Parents in their surrogacy journey for long enough time to understand their confusion and pain.  It is our best interest to assist the Intended parents with the best possible information so that they can make an informed decision.

Gay surrogacy countries, where surrogacy can be done lawfully.

If you are a gay couple looking for a surrogate mother, there is hope.  The most advanced and legally secure option can be surrogacy in the USA.  Surrogacy in California is one of the most sought after destination for gay couple surrogacy in the US.  But higher surrogacy costs can make it out of reach for many loving gay couples.

The other much more affordable yet legal gay surrogacy option is surrogacy in Colombia.  This Latin American country has all the qualities that make it lucrative for same sex surrogacy.  Guarantee baby plan at a much more affordable cost and explicit family laws for LGBT make it a safer destination. Learn more about surrogacy in Bogota.

If you are a gay couple, looking to become parents via surrogacy, we can provide much-needed guide and support for gay couple surrogacy with affordable gay couple surrogacy cost options.

We already have done numerous successful surrogacy process in multiple countries for the last 9 years and can do the same for you.  

I am Neelam Chhagani, CEO and International Patient Follow-up Manager, representing IVF Conceptions. I work as a surrogacy consultant and assist and guide the Intended Parents to become parents via surrogacy, globally.It will be my great pleasure to assist you.

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