What Should You Know About Surrogacy in Colombia?

What Should You Know About Surrogacy in Colombia?

by Neelam Chhagani

Surrogacy in Colombia

Surrogacy in Colombia s a new surrogacy destination which offers affordable yet legally secure surrogacy option especially for single parents and gay men. 

This is due to excellent medical services, low-cost international surrogacy, and secure legal framework for prospective Intended Parents.  As of now gay surrogacy in Colombia is the cheapest country for surrogacy.   

We will cover in this article:

  1. Why surrogacy in Colombia?
  2. Is surrogacy in Colombia legal?
  3. Surrogacy in Colombia for gay men- New low cost yet legally secure opportunity for LGBT Couples
  4. Cost of surrogacy in Colombia
  5. What you need to know about surrogate mother in Colombia
  6. How safe is Colombia?
  7. Conclusion for surrogacy in Colombia

Why surrogacy in Colombia?

Surrogacy in Colombia is gradually gaining popularity especially among the English and Spanish speaking people.

The reasons are obvious.

  1. The medical services are excellent
  2. Surrogacy Costs are reasonably low- Colombia is the cheapest country for surrogacy for the gay couple.
  3. The process is supported by a well-established legalized framework. Surrogacy law in Colombia is favorable for all.
  4. Equal opportunity is given to same-sex couples. surrogacy in Colombia for LGBT couple is getting very popular.

Another big advantage is that intended parents can easily communicate with their native language either in English or Spanish with doctors and surrogate mothers without needing an interpreter or translator.

Out of 191 countries in the WHO list, Colombian healthcare ranks 22. You would be surprised to know that it’s ranking in healthcare is even better than Canada and the US, which are ranking 30 and 37 respectively.

Even more, of all the Latin America’s best hospitals compiled by America Economia, Colombia has 22 of them.

This implies 50% of the top Latin American hospitals are located in Colombia. All Colombians are eligible for public health insurance and this includes surrogates and newborn babies as well.

Even if you are without healthcare coverage, medical expenses here are reasonably low.

Another important point is worth mentioning. South America, in recent years, has become a popular destination for medical tourism.

Colombia has grabbed this golden opportunity for upgrading its medical infrastructure by making huge investments in top grade medical services and state-of-the-art facilities.

The quality of medical services and the cost of surrogacy is the main point of concern for most surrogacy seeker. Surrogacy is expensive with lots of uncertainty, so opting for very best medical facilities makes lots of sense.  

There has been a growing trend in availing international fertility treatments. 

The surrogacy services are no less, and parents are opting for low cost yet legally secure international surrogacy destination.

After much deliberation, most prospective parents are zeroing for surrogacy service in Colombia due to manageable cost with quality medical services. 

For married hetero couples, surrogacy in Georgia or surrogacy in Ukraine can be a much cost effective and legal option as only married couples are eligible for surrogacy services in these countries. 

But for a single parent or gay men seeking surrogacy, surrogacy in Colombia can be a lucrative offer as it offers guarantee baby or money back program.  

Is surrogacy in Colombia legal?

  • There are only a few countries where surrogacy is legal! 
  • The International surrogacy laws vary but more or less not favorable for LGBT couples.
Surrogacy in Colombia for gay couple is common

Colombia is among the few countries where surrogacy is legalized. The constitution of Colombia gives protection to assisted reproductive treatments (ART) and grants full rights to children born out of surrogacy. Colombia surrogacy laws give equal protection to the surrogate baby. 

The constitution says. “Children born in or out of wedlock adopted and procreated naturally or with scientific assistance, have equal rights and duties”.

What I found more amazing is the indiscrimination of the Colombian constitution that allows everybody irrespective of his/her sexual orientation to partake in surrogacy provided the baby has a genetic link with any one of the parents.  

This is Good news for LGBT or same-sex couples, as surrogacy in Colombia for gay men come with great oppertunity.

The Constitutional court legalized same-sex marriage in 2016. In a previous landmark decision, its legalized adoption by gay parents in 2015. Such liberal regulations in marriage and parenthood can be rarely seen anywhere in the world.

The constitution also grants similar civil rights to foreigners and this includes international surrogacy too.

After the birth of the child, we had to undertake a procedure to introduce our names in the birth certificate at legal parents but there is no need to get a pre-birth order as is the rule in various states in the US. 

Prospective parents are happy not to undergo too many complex legal procedures in surrogacy.

However, Colombia surrogacy laws clearly indicate specific requirements for this mode of childbirth. I would prefer listing them for the convenience of intended couples.

  • A valid physiological problem exists for conception.
  • The eggs used in IVF for surrogacy should not be from the surrogate mother. This means only gestational surrogacy is permitted where there is no biological link between the surrogate mother and the child.
  • The entire process should be altruistic or non-commercial.
  • The surrogate mother should fulfill the requirements related to adulthood, mental and physical health and having children, etc.
  • There should be a stringent medical and physical evaluation of the surrogate mother.
  • Once the surrogacy contract between the intended couples and the surrogate has been signed and the surrogate mother has conceived, she cannot retract the child delivery.
  • The surrogate mother can terminate the pregnancy only with a medical indication.
  • Under any circumstances, the biological parents cannot reject the child.
  • In case of death of the biological parents, before the child is born, the child does not remain unprotected.

The necessity of legal representation for surrogacy in Colombia:

Legal representation is a must to oversee all the legal procedures from signing of the agreement with the surrogate and getting the birth certificate of the child.

 Pre-requisites for acceptance in the surrogacy program:

Even though Colombian Regulation allows surrogacy for everyone, you may be asked to provide proof of your non-criminal background. Many clinics and agencies also undertake a psycho-social screening of the intended couples just as they do with the surrogate.

 Representation on the birth certificate:

It is no doubt that lenient Colombian Regulations pertaining to surrogacy enables a hassle-free program for everyone. Still, there are certain legal formalities one must abide by while planning for surrogacy service here.

According to the law of the land, the lady who gives birth to the baby is assumed to be the mother and her name come in the baby birth certificate.

However, this name can be replaced in the birth certificate in case of surrogacy. It is informed to the parents prior to signing the agreement with the surrogate. 

The parents must go through a DNA test after the birth of the baby to prove that the surrogate mother has no genetic linkage with the baby.

The full process is guided by an efficient legal advisor and got things done quite fast. Most of the clinics offer all these services within the package and intended couples face the least botheration regarding this.

There is one better surprising fact about the citizenship of the baby in Colombia.  The baby is eligible for Colombian citizenship and can possess a Colombian passport.

By virtue of this, in the future, the child can access visa-free travel in many countries including the European Union.

The procedure is much quicker than approaching your own country embassy in Bogota for the child’s citizenship and this may vary with countries.

However, it is up to the discretion of parents which citizenship would they like to have for their child.

Average time span required for the exit process:

You cannot specify the exact time you will need to exit the process. Each surrogacy case is unique, and the time span varies accordingly.

In average it varies from country to country and the cooperation level of your home embassy. 

Typically, it takes 3-6 weeks and it depends on the country of citizenship of the parents. But if you can get a Colombian passport for your baby as mentioned above your exit period will be lesser may be within 2 weeks or so.

Surrogacy in Colombia for gay men- New low cost yet legally secure opportunity for LGBT Couples

Surrogacy in Columbia- Map

 Most of the Intended Parents opt for surrogacy after going through years of emotional torment owing to miscarriages and failed IVF trials.  But for same-sex couples or to be more specific gay men, opting for egg donor surrogacy is the only option left to expend their families.

However, most counties where surrogacy is legally allowed, there is a ban on LGBT surrogacy due to moral or constitutional reason.  As of now only surrogacy in Uthe SA (only in State who recognize same sex laws) can offer legally safe surrogacy for gay couples.

But not anymore!  Surrogacy in Colombia for gay men, more precisely, surrogacy in Bogota seem to be the golden opportunity.

 For gay couples, it does not make any difference if their child is delivery by another woman if they are genetic parents.  Most couples are happy that they can become parents of their own child, genetically linked to them.

Luckily, the constitution of Colombia does not discriminate for LGBT couples. The constitutional Court has legalized the same sex marriage in 2016.

This means, the same-sex couples can peruse surrogacy in Colombia with the same ease as any hetero couples.  They have the same right and obligation as any single or hetero couples. However, at least one parent should be biologically link with the baby. Gay couple can also adopt the baby as per landmark decision made by Colombian constitutional court in 2015.

This is further supported by the Article 100 of the Constitution, which give the same right to the foreigners in Colombia to exercise the same civil rights as given to the Colombian citizens.

Cost of Surrogacy in Colombia:

  • Exorbitant surrogacy cost and uncertain outcomes prevent many intended couples to go ahead with surrogacy.
  • Columbia is the cheapest country for surrogacy for single male and LGBT Couples.

For international patients, the surrogacy cost may be even higher as you don’t know how many trips you need to make or how many IVF cycles you need to undergo for a successful pregnancy.

But at least, the intended couple should be in the surrogate’s country for screening, during embryo transfer and at the time of childbirth. Considering all these factors, it is always recommended to go for an all-inclusive package offered by reputed clinics.

Many parents wait for years considering this cost factor before finalizing for surrogacy destinations.

In my opinion, the surrogacy cost in Colombia is very much within limits.

The cost of an all-inclusive surrogacy program here is about $64,000 with guaranteed childbirth.

Cost of standard IVF with an egg donor and transfer in surrogate mother cost around $45,000.

As the surrogacy clinics in Bogota are relatively new, it is good to opt for guarantee baby program as it gives you peace of mind to have a baby for sure, no matter how much attempts clinic might need.

Here, it is worth to mention that surrogacy cost in Colombia is almost the same as in other eastern European countries.  

However, when we compare the surrogacy cost of Colombia with the US, it is less than half of the US surrogacy cost but almost like surrogacy cost in Ukraine/Georgia.

This is possible only because the cost of living in Colombia is very low; you pay only 1/3rd of what you pay in California for living in Colombia.

For example, if you pay $15,000 to maintain your living standard in Los Angeles, you will have to pay only $1500 in Bogota, the capital city of Colombia for the same.

Moreover, the availability of several world-class facilities fills up the demand-supply gap keeping a check on the cost.

What you need to know about surrogate mother in Colombia:

It is important to find a surrogate willing to offer altruistic surrogacy.  Many coupled seek help from reliable agencies and clinics to arrange for the best matching surrogates.

Typically, a surrogate in Colombia needs to fulfill the following conditions:

  • A healthy young woman within a recommended age group and mother of at least one healthy child.
  • Cooperative nature.
  • A decent level of education is desired to make an informed decision.
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Undergo psychological and physical screening.
  • Screening for infectious diseases and evaluation of the uterine cavity is also a must to rule out the possibilities of passing infections to the fetus and miscarriage.

After a successful screening, a contract is signed between the surrogate and the intended parents where all terms and conditions will be listed with the consent of both the parties.

It is normal to include multiple-embryo transfers (most of the time it is 3 times) within the contract since the first embryo-transfer may not result in surrogate pregnancy.

The physical condition of the surrogate is extremely important considering the multiple embryo-transfers she may need to undergo. The time-gap between two successive embryo transfers is decided by the specialist in charge of the surrogacy program.

Going by the statistics, successful pregnancies are normally achieved in the 2nd or 3rd chance. Post-implantation, it is important for the intended couple to check the necessary arrangements for proper care of the surrogate and the growing fetus.

The couple may wish to stay in the destination till the completion of the term or fly back home. It is their choice. Flying home does not imply that the couple will be out of touch with her.

They can maintain regular communication with the surrogate mother on Skype and get the updates. If required, the doctor in charge can also join the Skype conversation and provide vital inputs.

Normally, the Coloumbia IVF clinic takes the responsibility of getting regular monthly checkups of the surrogate in the absence of the couple.

Reports, if asked for, are mailed to the couple. Often, a person from the clinic would visit her to check if everything is going fine. Fetal development is monitored through sonography tests.

This is a normal procedure in all reputed clinics to maintain transparency between the intended parents, the surrogate and the doctor in charge.

All medicinal and other pregnancy-related expenses of the surrogate mother Colombia gets included in the package. The payment can be made upfront or in installments depending on the agreement. 

The place of birth:

Normally, childbirth of surrogates takes place based on the insurance network coverage of the area. If the surrogate is not covered by health insurance, you can select any top clinic for the purpose. These are all prescheduled while finalizing the package with an IVF clinic.

Assisted Reproduction Treatments available in Colombia:

IVF (In-vitro fertilization) is the common procedure associated with gestational surrogacy as it involves a direct genetic linkage between the baby and the parent.

But the requirements of intended couples may vary. Several clinics provide a wide range of ART services that demand a high level of expertise like sperm sorting, gender selection and egg donation based on strict anonymity.

 How safe is Colombia?

This can be a concern while planning for surrogacy in Colombia.  But, Bogota one of the safest destinations in South America; much safer than few cities in the US.

It is true indeed! Colombia has undergone a massive transformation emerging as one of the strongest democracies in Latin America.

Crime rates have fallen drastically by about 92% facilitating the growth of the tourism industry. In true sense, it is an ideal destination to rest, relax and recover. The vibrant city brimming with global tourists has so many exciting things to offer. 

 It is worth to mention that Colombia surrogacy is quite new.  The international surrogacy laws are more favorable to gay couples here. 

Conclusion for surrogacy in Colombia:

The IVF Clinics has been accepting the IVF and surrogacy program for a few years back only.  The affordable surrogacy cost and laws supporting the LGBT families for their “procreation right”, make it a great destination for the single man or gay couples.

For married hetero couples, the option of doing surrogacy in Ukraine or Surrogacy in Georgia is better as these countries offer explicit surrogacy laws with low cost of surrogacy. 

As all these destinations offer the guarantee baby program, which promise of having a baby birth irrespective of the number of IVF trials.

 So, if you are a married hetero couple, surrogacy in Ukraine or surrogacy in Georgia, is still the best option, as standard and guarantee money back program are legal and affordable.

However, if you are s LGBT couples, and looking for legally secure yet affordable surrogacy and may be guarantee baby with half of USA cost, the opting for surrogacy in Colombia is a wise decision.

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