How much does surrogacy cost in Ukraine?

How much does surrogacy cost in Ukraine?

by Neelam Chhagani

surrogacy cost in UkraineHow much does surrogacy cost in Ukraine?- A lot less than the USA.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is legal and is available to foreign couples at a very affordable price. Undoubtedly Ukraine is becoming a popular destination of surrogacy in Europe. Affordable surrogacy cost in Ukraine and legal protection to parents is USP of Ukraine.

The demand for surrogacy in Ukraine country has been increasing stupendously as the intended couple gets immediate recognition as rightful biological parents from the day of conception.

Favourable Ukraine surrogacy law makes Ukraine an attractive proposition for couples from the US and other developed countries, where compensated surrogacy is either banned, or the charge is too high.

Is surrogacy is legal in Ukraine?

Compensated surrogacy in Ukraine is allowed since 2002.  The surrogacy in Ukraine is only available to Married hetero couples, thus ruling out Single male surrogacy or Gay men surrogacy options. For gay couples, we can advise surrogacy in Colombia as it is equally affordable and legally secure as Ukraine.

To avail surrogacy in Ukraine, one has to submit a valid medical certificate declaring that the intended mother is unable to conceive or carry a full term pregnancy owing to certain medical conditions. This letter needs to be fully prepared by a local medical doctor and notarization.

It is more convenient for intended couples from the US to visit this country for surrogacy as they do not require a visa. After India, Thailand, Mexico, and Nepal (once touted most desirable destinations for affordable compensated surrogacy) closed their doors to foreigners, the demand for this service in Ukraine picked up.

Understanding the price of surrogacy in Ukraine:

The cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is much less compared to other European countries allowing compensated surrogacy services.

The cost varies depending on whether the couple needs to use donor eggs or not.  The average price of surrogacy can be around  $40,000 if donor eggs are required.

The other factors like genetic testing can influence the cost, like PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis).

The surrogacy cost in Ukraine is about $ 40,000- $45,000, which is much less than the charge in the US which is around $95,000-$150,000.

With a 50% reduction in cost, intended couples not only can access high-quality ART services in several clinics but can plan for a relaxing vacation.

The high-end fertility clinics in and around Kyiv receive huge footfalls of childless foreign couples desperately seeking surrogacy service to achieve parenthood.

Some clinic does offer a guarantee surrogacy baby plan, which can go upto $60,000.

surrogacy service in UkrianeThe boom of surrogacy in Ukraine can be attributed to:

  • Hard political and economic conditions where young ladies opt for compensated surrogacy services to fend for themselves. The drastic depreciation of Ukrainian currency has further led to the drop in surrogacy charges which is likely to continue.
  • Advertisements of surrogates are ubiquitous in prominent areas of top-tier cities. The compensation for the surrogate mothers varies between $10,000 and $15,000 along with a nominal monthly allowance ranging $300-$400. So, less surrogate mother compensation in Ukraine, keep the overall cost low.
  • A Relatively low cost of surrogacy in Ukraine does not mean compromising with standards. Many fertility clinics can take pride in offering the most advanced forms of ART applying cutting-edge technology. The clinics need to get a license from the Ministry of Healthcare and comply with the treatment standards.
  • The ART facilities are vastly superior in privately run clinics than the state-run ones. Success rates of these clinics are quite impressive. Excellent medical technology and high Success in IVF depends on the treatment procedures involved and the expertise of clinics. Quality medical services at a low price are one o the factor to keep the cost low. 

Is gay surrogacy allowed in Ukraine?

No, the Ukraine surrogacy law explicitly refers to married heterosexual couples who are unable to conceive. Neither gay couples nor single men are allowed to surrogacy in Ukraine.


With time more and more prospective parents are getting the benefit of legally and low-cost surrogacy in Ukraine. Thousands of parents from the USA or European countries already completed their journey in Ukraine. So, you can do it!!

Ukraine is highly recommended due to affordable surrogacy cost in Ukraine and full legal protection for parents and baby.

Some Ukraine surrogacy agency gives a lower price list to the parents.  Simply put, it does not include all the services. So, it is advised to parents to check carefully what is covered and what is not included in the price list. That will give them a clear indication of cost and can save surprise later.

Are you interested in learning more about surrogacy in Ukraine or starting the process? Get in touch to get free surrogacy information. 

I am Neelam Chhagani, CEO and International Patient Follow-up Manager, representing IVF Conceptions. I work as a surrogacy consultant and assist and guide the Intended Parents to become parents via surrogacy, globally.It will be my great pleasure to assist you.

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