10 Easy Tips For Parents To Choose A Surrogacy Agency

10 Easy Tips For Parents To Choose A Surrogacy Agency

by Neelam Chhagani

surrogacy agnecy can help you having a babyChoosing a surrogacy agency is not an easy task but we are here to help you!

Once you have concluded that you wish to become parents via surrogacy, make sure that you are in good hands. Choosing the best surrogacy agency is one of the first steps toward it.

Once you have decided to pursue surrogacy process to become parents, choosing the best surrogacy agency is the next big decision. Irrespective of the fact you are doing surrogacy in your city or cross-border surrogacy arrangement, choosing an experienced surrogacy agency is a critical part of your surrogacy journey.

A lot of research and time is needed to finalize a surrogacy agency who best suits your requirements.

The parenthood journey can be the most enriching and overwhelming experience, only if you do wisely. For intended parents starting the surrogacy process can be a daunting feeling. However, by keeping in mind a few factors; an Intended parent can make informed decisions.

Having a trusted and professional surrogacy agency will make a massive difference in the life of intended parents. A  surrogacy agency can be an integral part of your life for many years.

It is advised to do thorough research when looking out for the best surrogacy agency.  Choose the one you feel is the best for your specific need.

Few factors to consider while selecting a surrogacy agency:

1. Experience matter for a surrogacy agency

The best surrogacy agency is one which has experience of handling successful surrogacy journeys. When a surrogacy agency has helped more and more Intended Parents in their gestational surrogacy.  This shows the team is already aware of each step and complications that may arise during the full surrogacy process.

An experienced surrogacy agency or surrogacy facilitator can guide and support you for coming challenges in advance.

Nowadays, lots of new surrogacy agencies are sprouting up but they lack in experience and struggle with the insight needed for this long and complicated journey.

2. Trust and credibility of the surrogacy agency

While choosing a surrogacy agency, its reliability is essential to consider. It takes many years to gain credibility and just a few days to lose it. Never judge the work of a surrogacy agency by the fake negative reviews as many of them are distributed by the competitors.

The best way is to interact personally and meet in person.

It is good to get in touch with a few of the previous successful cases. A parent who has already travelled the road, which you are planning to take will be a great help. A professional and compassionate team has nothing to hide. Having open and transparent communication can help select the right people.

3. Communications is critical while choosing a surrogacy agency-

It is much needed if you are choosing a cross-border surrogacy agency.  Communication is important even if you are using a local surrogacy agency. Excellent communication opens the doors of trust and comfort for parents.

A surrogacy pregnancy can be an emotional journey for both intended parents and surrogate mothers.

It is reassuring to know how things are going!! Especially if you are doing a cross-border surrogacy, the long distance and time zone variation can make you worry.

Just think how scary it will be if you do not hear an update about your surrogate mother who is based in far away from city or country.

Having quick and timely communication will give you much-needed peace of mind. A team which replies on times and keep you updated with any delay due to a business trip or holiday is responsible and will handle your case with the same dedication and compassion.

4. Being flexible makes a surrogacy agency much more likeable

After working in this sphere for almost 9+ years, it is clear that each surrogacy process is unique. It is never possible to assume that all will go as per the plan as it did for many other Intended Parents.

There are quite a few factors which are out of control of parents.  A situation like optimum success rate of IVF cycle, egg donor and surrogate mother health and complication issues, and legal issues cannot be controlled.

A reputed surrogacy agency, provide a more customized approach to each case and will do their best to accommodate your needs.

They can do IVF cycle in your choice of the IVF clinic or can consider your request while matching surrogate mother or egg donor for you. Sometimes providing some financial benefits to the Intended Parents can be done.

If you have some specific need for your surrogacy requirement, it is good to communicate well in advance. Most of the agencies will be happy to assist you with moderate changes in their policies to help you.

5. A one-to-one relationship is a vial

Surrogacy can be a 1-2 years long process from the start till end.

Your surrogacy coordinator or case manager will be more like a friend and you speak or write to him or her almost daily.

Most surrogacy agencies do provide an individual case manager to each Intended Parents, who are well aware of the case from the beginning.

For a new team member, it is not easy to understand your journey. That is why most of the surrogacy agencies do give a personal case manage for each couple.

If not, ask for it as it will save your time and make communication easy for you. Many time, a case manager develop a warm and loving relationship with the intended parent and go out of the way to assist them.

It is good to create a robust, transparent and truthful relationship with your surrogacy agency team.

surrogacy agency for gay couple is much more imporant than hetero couple6. Look out for Recommendations from existing or past intended parents.

It is good to take to learn from your friends or relatives who already travelled surrogacy path before you.

Ask for a firsthand experience of the couples who had gone through the surrogacy process themselves with your surrogacy agency.  No, one can better guide and source of accurate information than one who already completed a surrogacy process.

7. Connect with Surrogacy support Groups.

With so much access and web connectivity, you can surely find lots of surrogacy support group and surrogacy forums. and surrogacy blogs to refer to find more information.  You can sign for such groups to share your story and to have access to other experience too.  Over time, we have seen that most of the surrogacy professional, past intended parents, and surrogate mothers are happy to give thier opinions.  Most of them share the pros and cons of the surrogacy agencies and bring all possible red flag to consider.

8. Assisting in the Legal guide for surrogacy

Each surrogacy country has its specific legislation for surrogacy, some have favourable laws and some straight away ban surrogacy. It is advised to confirm beforehand about the legal standing in your case.

Parents are recommended to consult a local family lawyer in your country to understand your actual situation.

It might be possible that surrogacy is allowed in the country you are choosing, but what if your own country do not recognize surrogacy and might not give you citizenship and travel document for your baby.

Nevertheless, always ask what kind of support they can give to assist you legally.  A right surrogacy agency can help you in doing documentation work and sometimes they put you in touch with the right surrogacy lawyer who can navigate you through the full child custody.

9. Transparency in term of surrogacy cost

Most surrogacy agencies come with a substantial financial burden. It is good to ask what would be estimated surrogacy cost for your case and breakdown of the surrogacy cost list.

A reputed surrogacy agency is one which not only gives full surrogacy cost but also let you know any hidden cost which might occur later. Transparency is the key as finance is one o the vital factor for the most intended parents.

10. Trust your judgment when choosing a surrogacy agency

As each of us has our justice system based on our personal experiences and interactions with the outside world, take a final decision based on your gut feeling.

Try to ask as many questions as possible and move ahead with someone whom you trust and feel comfortable with. Take an informed decision!!!

Conclusion for a surrogacy agency

We have been working with low cost surrogacy agency in India and abroad.  Our aim is to get associated with reputed and trusted surrogacy professionals in East European countries.

We have been offering surrogacy with our partner surrogacy agency in Ukraine and surrogacy agency in Georiga for last 8 years.  These services are recommended for couples who wish to do legally secure yet affordable surrogacy process and they are open for international surrogacy countries.  Georiga and Ukraine are the cheapest surrogacy countries with full legal security as of now.

If intended parents wish to do surrogacy in USA, we can recommend surrogacy agencies in California as this state is considered to be one of the most sought out destinations for single or LGBT surrogacy.

We do have a new and much more safe and affordable surrogacy country for gay men who are looking for legal yet cheap surrogacy country.

We do have surrogacy in Colombia for gay men with surrogacy cost as low as $64,000 for guarantee surrogacy baby for gay men. 

Are you still looking for the best surrogacy agency to start your surrogacy process?  We have been helping intended parents all over the world to achieve parenthood and we can do the same for you.  Contact us to start your parenthood journey now!

I am Neelam Chhagani, CEO and International Patient Follow-up Manager, representing IVF Conceptions. I work as a surrogacy consultant and assist and guide the Intended Parents to become parents via surrogacy, globally.It will be my great pleasure to assist you.

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