IVF And Surrogacy for HIV Positive Couple Possible.

IVF And Surrogacy for HIV Positive Couple Possible.

by Neelam Chhagani

HIV Positive couple can have babyIVF For HIV Positive Patients is Possible.

Living with HIV infections is not easy; it as demands a certain level of medical attention and lifestyle alteration. However, with the modern medical facility and effective treatment options, it is much easier to lead a healthy life and even have a baby via IVF for HIV positive patients.

There is a new hope given to them by the latest scientific development. They can also plan families just like any other couples. That is why most of the Intended parents with HIV are looking to extend their families.

Doing IVF to have a baby is one of the most obvious options for them. IVF for HIV positive couple is possible now.

Most of the fertility clinics around the world do not work with HIV Infected couples (single or both). Fortunately, there are few countries which welcome HIV Positive Intended Parents for infertility treatments.

HIV positive man wants a baby, made easy and possible. 

Now and then we do receive inquiries for HIV positive male wanting a baby. Although there are not many options, the good news that it is still a reasonable goal to achieve.  There are cases, where the male partner is HIV carrier and the female partner is not, and it is possible for them to carry the baby with relatively no risk.  This means, having a baby with HIV positive man is possible. 

The most common method used before IVF is sperm washing. Although it is an effective way to deal with a viral infection, yet chances of passing infection are there.

The idea behind sperm washing is to separate the actual sperms that will fertilize an egg from the seminal fluid, which is the part that is infectious and carries the HIV.

HIV has been shown to reside in the seminal fluid of HIV positive males. If the fluid and sperms can be separated or washed, the risk of contracting HIV is significantly reduced not only to the woman horizontal transmission carrying the baby but also reduce the risk of vertical transmission, which is the transmission of the virus from mother to child.

To accept any intended parents for IVF cases, they need to provide the CD4 report, which indicates the viral load for the parents.

CD4 Count

It is a blood test to check the amount of CD4 cells in the body. CD4 cells are a type of white blood cells, which have an essential role in the immune system to fight off any infection.

A healthy immune system usually has a CD4 count ranging from 500 to 1,600 cells per cubic millimeter of blood (cells/mm3). When a CD4 count is lower than 200 cell/mm3, a person will receive a diagnosis of AIDS.

HIV Viral Load Test

HIV viral load test measures the count of HIV particles in a milliliter (mL) of blood. These particles are also known as “copies.”

This test detects the progression of HIV in the body and also used to see how well HIV treatment therapy is working to control HIV.

It is good to have a lower count of viral load test, as it indicates the person’s body is responding well to the treatment.

HIV positive surrogacy is possible for our lovely couples/single male.

At IVF Conceptions, we are happy to offer IVF or IVF with surrogacy services to HIV positive couples.

We have few IVF Clinics which gladly accept the HIV male cases. Fertility Clinic in Thailand, Colombia, and Mexico to take the male with HIV infection for IVF. Getting pregnant with HIV positive husband is possible.  We do have some selective IVF Clinics which can take care of IVF positive male IVF Surrogacy.

For female positive cases, we do not have any option as of now.

The criteria to accept the HIV positive for IVF or IVF surrogacy:

  • You need to send your HIV treatment report and CD4 test report for our fertility doctor review.
  • It is good to have no detectable viral loads, but the acceptable viral load is <80 U/mL
  • If the viral load is high, it is advised to continue with the treatment to make sure to have an acceptable limit.
  • You can do CD4 after three months and send a new report for doctor review.
  • If viral load report is within the acceptable limit, we can ask you to come in person to initiate the process of IVF. Typically, the local IVF clinic will re-do CD4 tests to check the viral load to make sure it is within range.

Once all well, you will be asked to leave the sperm sample frozen for future use. If you wish, you can do the new IVF cycles a well.

Here it is worth to mention that the cost of IVF for HIV positive cases is much more. The IVF lab needs to be specially equipped to carry out the procedure of sperm washing and IVF for HIV cases. The additional fee for sperm washes and other precautions payment is needed for such cases, which make overall IVF fee higher.

Nevertheless, it is possible to have baby/babies for HIV positive couples. The services we offer in various IVF Clinic are:

  • IVF for HIV+ male
  • IVF with an egg donor
  • IVF with egg donor surrogacy

If you are planning to extend your family, there is always hope. Get in touch to know more about your options.

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