Top 8 Factors to Consider When You Choose Egg Donor

Top 8 Factors to Consider When You Choose Egg Donor

by Neelam Chhagani

choose egg donorAre you looking for a great egg donor? Here are the top 8 criteria to help you choose egg donor.

Struggling to conceive is one of the most difficult things a couple can go through. Wanting a child and being unable to have one is painful, and fertility tests and procedures can be expensive. But if you and your partner come to a place where you determine you are unable to conceive, in vitro fertilization can be a fantastic option. But many time, intended parents need to Choose egg donor to do IVF This is known as IVF with an egg donor.

For many people who undergo IVF, you’ll need an egg donor, someone who provides the eggs that will later be fertilized with male partner sperm and implanted in female partner’s uterus ( or sometime in surrogate mother uterus) . Choosing an egg donor is an important process, and there’s a lot to think about.

Read on to learn about what you should be thinking about when you choose an egg donor.

Being Prepared for IVF chosen Egg Donor

In vitro fertilization is a miracle of modern medicine; it is a procedure that has helped thousands of people conceive. In fact, it is the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology, with a success rate of nearly 40 percent. But using IVF is a physically and emotionally taxing process, and one you should be prepared for.

IVF is usually something that comes up after a long battle with infertility, so you should take any time you and your partner need to grieve together. This is an involved and expensive procedure to undergo, so be sure you go into it with the right frame of mind. When you’re ready, IVF can be a miraculous solution for a heart-wrenching challenge.

1. Frozen vs. Fresh Donor eggs

Once you decide you’re ready to pursue IVF, one of the first things you want to do is decide whether you’d rather use fresh or frozen eggs. There are pros and cons to both.

With fresh eggs, you’re going to be more limited in your selection of egg donors because you’ll have to select someone who has a cycle synced up with yours. But if you’re wanting a larger number of eggs for a larger potential family, fresh eggs may be a better option.

Frozen eggs usually mean fewer viable embryos and thus less likelihood of a multiple birth pregnancy. But frozen eggs offer greater selection among egg donors, lower cost, and a better chance that you will have a successful implantation.

To able to have a successful pregnancy through IVF procedure, you might need to repeat your embryo transfers. To have high-quality good grade embryos are is a primary aim of IVF with an egg donor, so that, multiple embryos transfer can be done, just in case needed.

2. Known vs. Anonymous Egg Donor

One of the stickier points of IVF is that your child will have a different biological parent. This is the kind of thing that may eventually become important to that child. They may ask someday who their biological parent is, and you need to decide now if you want the process to be open or closed.

Many egg donors prefer to remain anonymous; their egg donation is a positive thing for them, but they don’t want the emotional burden of biological children someday tracking them down. But some donors are willing to leave the process open to any potential children may know who they are. You need to decide what’s right for you and your family, and what you will tell the child if the day comes when they ask about their egg donor.

3. Medical History of Egg Donor

Now that you’ve decided whether you want fresh or frozen eggs from a known or anonymous egg donor, it’s time to start narrowing down donor characteristics. One of the biggest things you’ll want to know about is your egg donor’s medical history. This includes physical health as well as mental health.

You don’t want to wind up inadvertently passing on a condition like diabetes or bipolar disorder to your child. So review your donor’s medical history; you want to look for chronic conditions that are passed down genetically. Look for a family history of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia, and other genetically-linked diseases, especially anything your partner or sperm donor may have.

4. Ethnicity and Appearance of Egg Donor

For some people, it may be important that their child is of the same ethnicity as they are. This can help you avoid early questions about your child’s parentage, and it may help promote bonding. With this in mind, you should decide how important ethnicity and appearance of the egg donor are to you.

Do you want someone who looks like you and your partner so that your child has a better chance of resembling you? Or is it a bigger priority for you to have a donor with a good personality and medical background? Go through the profiles and chose egg donor who fits your preference in physical appearance.

5. Other Physical Attributes of Egg Donor

There are also other physical attributes you should take into account when you’re reviewing profiles. Do you want a donor who’s short or tall, athletic or more laid back? It may sound strange, but attributes like this can contribute to how well your child meshes with your family.

If your family is the kind who goes hiking every weekend and runs in the morning, you might want to look for a donor with a more athletic background. Or you may still choose to focus on the physical and mental health of the donor and leave the rest out of it. However, you choose is fine; just make sure it’s the right choice for you and your family.

6. Egg Donor History

One of the important factors you’ll want to consider when reviewing potential egg donors is their history as a donor. This can determine how likely you’ll be to get pregnant using one of their eggs. There are a few ways to assess this on the egg donor form.

Look at if the donor has children of their own and, if so, how many. If it isn’t on their profile, as the clinic you’re working with if this donor’s eggs have resulted in any successful pregnancies. If they haven’t had any successful pregnancies, you may want to look at how long they’ve been a donor and double check the tests on their eggs.

7. Intelligence and Personality

Everyone wants their child to be smart, charismatic, and successful, and as an IVF patient, you get to choose. There is certainly a large amount of nurture that goes into a child’s personality and success. But intelligence is somewhat related to nature as well.

Think about what you want from your donor in terms of intelligence and personality. Do you want someone who’s passionate and driven, always seeking out new opportunities? Or would you rather have someone who appreciates the finer things in life, is more laid back, and can achieve success the slow and steady way?

8. Personal Achievements

On the subject of success, something else you may want to take into consideration is your egg donor’s personal achievements. Again, having a successful donor does not guarantee that your child will be the next President. But certain qualities like drive and interpersonal skills may be passed down genetically.

Look at your egg donors’ profiles and take a look at their personal achievements. Was one of them the youngest person ever to finish an Iron Man triathlon or get accepted into Yale? Try to choose personal achievements that fit well with your family’s lifestyle.

choose egg donorOptions for Finding or Choosing Egg Donor

If you need to choose egg donor for your IVF Process, there can be many sources to look out for egg donor.  But you need to consider a lot of factors before making a final decision.

1. Working Through a Local IVF Clinic or local egg donor agencies

One of the other big decisions you’ll need to make when you’re looking for donors is what IVF clinic you want to work through. One of the most affordable methods is to work through a local IVF clinic. This can be a convenient option since you won’t have to worry about long travel requirements.

The downside of working with a local fertility clinic is your options for donors are going to be limited. These IVF clinics work with local egg donors only, so you won’t have access to the full spectrum some international clinics can offer. But if there are egg donors in your area who fit your needs, this can be a fantastic option and you can choose the egg donor ideal for you.

2. Choosing an egg donor with an international egg donation agency.

If you don’t want to work with a local IVF clinic, you can look at an international one. These international IVF clinics/ international egg donor agencies will often have a much broader range of egg donor options since they work all over the world. They will also oftentimes have a more rigorous testing process to ensure egg fertility.

But working with international clinics is undoubtedly more expensive. IVF procedures through these IVF clinics can cost as much as $12,000 to $20,000 because of the additional donor expenses you’ll have to cover. These include airfare and travel expenses for a 15-day trip for the donor to go through the harvesting procedure.

If you are using an international egg donor agency, your agent should help you in finding the ideal egg donor for you.  It is required that you get additional information about your chosen egg donors like her videos or her educational certificate.  The aim of any egg donor agent should be to have a smooth egg donation process with your choice of an egg donor.  Having a good egg donation process can help you in achieving your ultimate aim of having a baby with the help of surrogacy or self-transfer.

3. Get an Egg from a Loved Ones

Over the year we have seen that this is not a commonly used method to find an egg donor.

But in some cases, parents-to-be may want to get an egg donation from a family member or a friend. This can be a meaningful way to solve fertility challenges without having to use eggs from a stranger. But keep in mind that your loved one will have to go through all the same fertility treatments and tests as any other egg donor. Also, you need to take consultation of a reproductive attorney so that all your legal rights are well protected.

Talk to your loved one about the possibility of using them as an egg donor; if they’re willing, reach out to IVF clinics in your area and see if they’re willing to work with your loved one. They will need to meet some strict requirements, including age, weight, health, and fertility standards.

Cost of IVF or IVF Surrogacy Process

No matter you choose egg donor from a local agency or international surrogacy agency or use a friend an egg donor, the cost of the IVF process will remain more or less same.  The IVF clinic will include the egg donor pre IVF tests, follicular monitoring fee and stimulation drugs fee in their standard IVF Cost Package.

The egg donor agency will take the compensation of egg donor ( in some cases it is transferred directly to the egg donor account), her travel fee and accommodation fee and their agency fee from the intended parents.  The medical fee is paid directly to the IVF Clinic.

Conclusion for How to Choose Egg Donor

IVF Process can be a fantastic option for having a family if you struggle with fertility issues. Choosing the right egg donor is an important process; after all, this person will make up half of your child’s genetic code. Think carefully about what qualities are important to you, and take time to choose an egg donor you are happy with.

IVF Conceptions work with multiple egg donor agencies around the world.  The egg donors profiles we send are already screened and evaluated by the IVF Clinic.  They are professional donors with at least one baby of their own or confirm pregnancy in past donation.

The egg donor agencies we work with have consistently provided a huge diverse egg donor profiles of all ethnicity – Caucasian, Asian, Indian, and African American.  The pre-IVF tests done are extensive and include genetic testing to rule out any hidden disease.  On top of that Antral Follicular Scan is given for each donor so that your IVF Clinic can be sure of that egg donor has at least 15 eggs to start with.

If you’d like to learn more about IVF, Egg Donation or surrogacy services globally, check out the rest of our website at IVF Conceptions. We offer legally secure and affordable surrogacy services to build families with love.

Learn more about our IVF with egg donation services today with a huge travelling egg donors database. 

I am Neelam Chhagani, CEO and International Patient Follow-up Manager, representing IVF Conceptions. I work as a surrogacy consultant and assist and guide the Intended Parents to become parents via surrogacy, globally.It will be my great pleasure to assist you.

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