What you need to know about Egg Donor Process-Full IPs Guide

What you need to know about Egg Donor Process-Full IPs Guide

by Neelam Chhagani

What you need to know about Egg Donor Process – Complete Egg Donation Guide

The egg donation has become an integral part of Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART). The practice of IVF with egg donor process is becoming more common, especially among women over 40 years of age.

In 2010, about 11% of all assisted reproduction techniques used IVF with donor eggs, and it is increasing year on year. It goes without saying that by using an egg donor facilitated IVF, the success rate of all fertility procedures is much higher

Although the use of Assisted Reproductive Technology is relatively much less common as compared to the potential demand, its use has doubled over the past decade.

Today, approximately 1.7% of all infants born in the United States every year are conceived using ART. Out of these almost 25% of the cycles are done with the use of an egg donor. The egg donor requirements are increasing every year as the number of infertility cases are going up.

In Case of IVF with an egg donor, the child is biologically related to the child. That means, half of the genes that baby have come from the egg donor. That is why for the most prospective parent, choosing an egg donor can be a scary decision.

Typically, we have seen, childless couples go to any extent to use their genetic material for IVF and to create embryos. However, sometimes it is much complicated and using an egg donor is the only choice for would-be parents.

As egg donor’s genes will become a part of their coming generation, choosing an ideal and matching egg donor can be an exhaustive process for many couples. Knowing the pros and cons of using donor eggs is an integral part of ART treatment.

What we will cover in this article:

  1. Who needs an egg donor?

  2. The Egg Donor Requirements- How to choose egg donor?

  3. Egg Donor Cost

  4. Egg Donation Process- Step-by-Step

  5. Conclusion for egg donor process

IVF with egg donor process improve success rate

Who needs an egg donor?

If a couple cannot have a successful pregnancy even after doing a few rounds of In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF), they might need an egg donor.

The embryos created with the help of an egg donor can help a female partner to carry a pregnancy and give birth to her child. In IVF with an egg donor, the egg donor eggs are fertilized with male partner sperms to create embryos.

These embryos are then implanted in female partner uterus. The baby is carried and delivery by the female partner, but she is not genetically linked with the baby.

The egg donor is needed because of the below conditions:

  • Premature ovarian failure is a condition in which a woman has menopause much earlier than usual, typically before age 40
  • The reduced ovarian reserve in female partner. Meaning that the eggs are low quality and less in number. You might experience this due to age-related factor. Like, after 40 years, the fertility of women drops very quickly.
  • Due to genetically transmitted diseases. No parent would like to pass the genetic abnormality to the child. So, using an egg donor is an obvious choice, if parents have X-related chromosome abnormality.
  • A couple of failed IVF Cycles, especially when your doctor thinks that the quality of your eggs may be the problem
  • Surrogacy with egg donation– in most surrogacy cases, couples need an egg donor to have successful surrogate pregnancy. In the case of gay couples, having surrogate and egg donor is essential.

The Egg Donor Requirements-How to choose egg donor?

Selecting an egg donor is difficult settlements you will ever face. On top of that egg, donor price is higher in the country like the USA, thus, increasing the overall cost of infertility treatment.  We guide and support the intended parents in choosing the right egg donor for them.

Tips for choosing egg donors:

  • There are many different factors to consider during the egg donor selection process. 
  • Knowing what are the most critical qualities for you can make it easy to select the egg donor. Like we do have an ongoing same-sex couple, who just want to have the egg donor with contact detail so that they can tell their kid who is their genetic mother.
  • In short, you need to choose an egg donor who is in the right age group, healthy medically, a bright personality.
  • It can be someone who can fit into your family while resisting the urge to look for a replacement for yourself.

Some personal decisions that intended parents need to make are:

  • Opting for a known or anonymous donor
  • Keeping future contacts with donor and sharing the pics and information of baby
  • Telling your family about the egg  donation

About legal consideration:

  • Paying enough attention to a legal matter is essential.
  • In most cases, your fertility clinic will draw up the necessary paperwork, but it is always worth having this checked by your independent expert solicitor.
  • Your egg donor should agree to relinquish any claim to the offspring produced by their donation.

How to find an egg donor?

Finding an egg donor for IVF takes time and you need to consult multiple egg donor surrogacy agency before finalizing your egg donor:

  • The most common way of finding an egg donor is to use the services of an egg donor agency.
  • A reputable and experienced egg donor agency will provide the complete profile of egg donor including their medical, family, and social history along with sharing the result of the psychological evaluation.
  • They can give you break up of the egg donation cost, and egg donor – how much she paid in compensation.

It is good to inquire about the past donation history of the donor, as it might make you comfortable to know that she is already familiar with the process and already helped some family to fulfil their dream of parenthood.

Egg donor requirements, you need to consider:

  • The egg donor age limit is an essential factor to consider. The young egg donor has fewer chances of genetic mutation and has improved fertility. The right age group of 21 to 30 years. Although it can be case specific, and your fertility doctor is the right person to recommend after doing Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) and antral follicle scan (AFC) of the egg donor.
  • Should be a non-smoker with drug-free/alcohol-free habits.
  • Egg donor should have no genetically carried medical conditions.
  • She should be free of any medical or psychological illness.
  • Egg donor needs to clear Pre-IVF screening tests, like CBC, BL group, ESR, HIV, VDRL, HBsAg, HCV, T3, T4, TSH, SGPT, SGOT, Sr. Creatinine, Thalassemia to ensure her eligibility for donation.
  • She should give an in-depth personal and family history along with her educational records and understand her responsibility toward the donation program.
  • Idea egg donor should be motivated by a feeling of helping childless couples and finance should not be only criteria for donation.

Egg Donor Costdifferent type of egg donor

Having an egg donor comes with a cost!

The average egg donor IVF cost depends:

  • Egg donors price or egg donors compensation. 
  • The agency fee of the egg donor agency.  Some big US-based egg donor agencies charge a high coordination and assistance fee for their services as compared to European countries.
  • If you are using a travelling egg donor or a local egg donor in your area.  Expect to have a higher fee for travelling egg donor as they need to travel to different country or state for egg donation.  This means an extra visa, flight, accommodation fee.
  • If you are choosing a new egg donor or experienced egg donor.  Generally, egg donor who has proven fertility have high egg donor payments.

The compensation of egg donor in the USA can be in a range of $10,000 to $20,000 or more. Sometimes egg donor price is much more than average. That is possible for an egg donor who is proven and has made egg donation in the past.  Nevertheless, the egg donor cost in USA is much higher.

In other counties like Ukrainer, Russia, and Georiga, egg donor compensation is much lesser. Most of the egg donor agencies offer travelling egg donor who can travel to other countries for egg pick up.

Egg Donation Process- Step-by-Step

Egg donor matching with the Intended Parent is an important process of the egg donation process.

Once the intended parents have decided specifically what they want in their egg donor, the egg donor agency start the matching with Intended Parents. Initially, based on a particular requirement by parents and physical attributes, few egg donors can be shortlisted for a donation program.

Once you choose your ideal egg donor, the next step of screening an egg donor start. The egg donor risks and egg donor process need to be discussed with the egg donor by the fertility specialist.

Although the egg donation process is almost safe, sometimes it can have a side effect. A condition like Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) can be seen in a rare case. So, it is okay if the egg donor and recipient discuss -pros and cons of the egg donation process.

Screening of egg donor

Once the egg donor is finalized. It is time to do medical testing to make sure she is in perfectly healthy.

A competent fertility expert does her fertility evaluation to verify the capacity of her ovaries to produce eggs and to check hormonal profile.

That consists of a physical examination and pelvic ultrasound. A more extensive physical exam, blood tests are performed once a physician has verified your ability to produce healthy eggs. The process of egg donation and associated egg donors risks need to be discussed with the egg donor and with the parents.

Pre-IVF tests for an egg donor

CBC/HB- Complete blood count/hemoglobin.
Blood group and Rhesus“ In case of blood emergency transfusion are required.
HIV -Human immunodeficiency virus
HBsAg -Hepatitis B
VDRL- Syphilis
HCV- Hepatitis C
FSH (CD2-4) follicle stimulating hormone tests for ovarian reserve (must be measured on day 2-4 of menses)
LH (CD2-4)- Luteinizing hormone (must be measured on day 2-4 of menses)
AMH Anti Mullerian Hormone.
Estradiol Level done on day 2nd or 3rd of the monthly cycle.
TSH Thyroid stimulating hormone/thyroid function test
Pelvic scan on day 2 to see antral follicles counts.

Synchronizing of Oocyte Donor with the recipient

The egg donor might need to take the birth control pill to synchronize both of their upcoming IVF cycles.

The egg donor is specifically asked to leave birth control pill on specific dates so that her menses come on required dates to coordinate the cycles.

Once egg donor menses start, she will be asked to come to IVF Clinic for evaluation and start of the stimulation process. The egg donor risks are discussed with her by the fertility expert.

Egg Donor Stimulating to produce many eggs

An egg donor must understand that the egg donation process is not easy and need to have a certain level of accountability before accepting to be an egg donor. She has to undergo extensive medical tests and somewhat invasive procedure for egg pick up.

She needs to take a series of hormonal drugs/injection which cause the ovaries to produce multiple mature eggs during one menstrual cycle. These injections are egg stimulation hormones, which help ovaries to make many eggs, unlike one egg each month naturally.

These injections are given in close monitoring of IVF Specialist, and regular scans and blood tests are drawn to see how egg donor is reacting to stimulation. She needs to visit the IVF clinic every day for injections. The injections start on day 2 of cycles and can to up to 10- 14 days.

A Final trigger- Human Chorionic Gonadotropin a single injection that matures and releases the eggs. This trigger is given when eggs are 18mm in size and are good enough to harvest. Egg retrieval occurs 34-36 hours after this injection.

Egg Retrieval for an egg donor

This final step of the egg donation process is egg pick up under closer supervision of the doctor.

This process takes almost 15 to 20 minute and done under mild sedation with the help of trans vaginal ultrasound aspiration. It is a day procedure, and the egg donor can go home after 1-2-hour rest in the clinic. She is asked to take rest that day with a mild and liquid diet for a day. She will be prescribed an antibiotic to prevent infection and mild painkiller.  The egg donor payment is released after the egg picks up procedure.

At least one follow up visit is recommended for an egg donor make sure she is recovering well and have no complication due to the egg donation process.


IVF with egg donation is suggested to those Intended Parents where the female parent is unable to provide her biological material for IVF.

That is majorly due to higher age factors or avoids genetic transmission of faulty genes.

The exact IVF Egg Donor Process is the same as IVF, only instead of Intended Mother ovum’s, a young and healthy egg donor provide genetic material for fertilization. The resulting embryos are placed in Intended Mother’s uterus, in the hope of pregnancy.

To find a suitable egg donor is the aim for intended parents. It is understandable that it is not easy to have someone who will be part of your upcoming generation. It takes lots of love and compassion to have an egg donor to start a family.

Since 20101, we are helping the intended parents to find a suitable egg donor for them. We have personally helped hundreds of couples or single to help them in finding their dream egg donor.

IVF Conceptions offer egg donation advantage due to the following:

  • We work with numerous egg donor banks or egg donor agencies around the world.
  • The egg donor database we offer is diverse and most affordable.
  • Biggest egg donor database for travelling egg donor from Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Colombia, and India.
  • Overall egg donor pay or egg donor costs are less as we bargained a good price for our couples.
  • Young egg donor from India who can travel abroad for egg donation

We offer friendly advice and guidance for what to look in an egg donor. Like, what the critical aspect of selecting an egg donor and what can be ignored.

Intended parents need to pay attention to egg donor compensation and overall egg donation cost to be aware of the financial burden they might have.

It is much difficult to choose an egg donor as compared to a surrogate mother. Surrogacy egg donation is a more time-consuming process and costs a lot more.

Some parent has a unique fixation about the type of egg donor they need (sometimes it is too unusual- like we had a Chinese single male case, who only wanted an egg donor with high IQ (115 IQ level ). But in the day it is their baby, and they know best what they want, and we need to respect it as well.

No matter how specific need you have for your egg donor, we will do our best to assist. If you are looking for an egg donor and surrogate mother, we have the most trusted and affordable services to offer.

If you are looking for egg donors, get in touch to review the extensive database of beautiful and compassionate egg donors.  We offer comprehensive egg donor solutions!!

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