IVF Conceptions offer professional surrogacy Consultancy Services.

IVF Conceptions offer professional surrogacy Consultancy Services.

by Neelam Chhagani

Childless couples can expect legally secure and affordable surrogacy services with IVF Conceptions.

Ivf Conceptions LogoSince 2010,  IVF Conceptions is building families with Love! Get the most comprehensive, yet free surrogacy consultations. Get the advantage with our surrogacy services!

Our Mission

Our mission is to build your families with surrogate pregnancy for all fertility seeker, globally.

We strive to provide high quality yet affordable surrogacy services to all irrespective of their race, religion, marital status, economic, social background, and geographical locations.

About IVF Conceptions

Your one-stop solution for Fertility and egg donations and surrogacy services, Globally. We make parenthood possible.

IVF Conceptions is one of the leading Fertility Medical Tourism Consultancy providing healthcare services in fertility sphere including IVF, Egg Donations, and Surrogacy services, worldwide.

Since its inception in 2010, we are playing an instrumental role in making surrogate pregnancy possible for. We primarily offer consultancy services for cross-border surrogacy service seeker.

We are a network of IVF Clinics, Surrogacy agencies, and Egg Donor agencies in more than eight countries and growing each day. Our head office is in New Delhi, India. Our approach is extensive, and that is why we are the most preferred choice for cross-border fertility treatment seekers.

Our role is first to understand your unique requirement and fully inform you about the surrogacy process and then coordinate your surrogacy journey with one of our partners.


It takes years of experience to build trust and expertise in international surrogacy services.  However, our surrogacy consultancy services are at your disposal free of cost.

Neelam Chhagani-IVF Conceptions-Surrogacy Consultancy

Neelam Chhagani


Neelam Chhagani is director and founder of IVF Conceptions, an India-based Fertility Medical Tourism consultancy specializing in donor and surrogacy services. Neelam has over eight years of experience working in medical sphere and more than five years of experience in organization of fertility treatment services in India. She has acquired indispensable experience and valuable knowledge in field of reproductive technologies which she is readily available to share with Intended Parents. Over the years, she gained expertise and experience in handling surrogacy and egg donations program in India, Nepal, Mexico, Georgia and Thailand. Read More..

Anish Thomas

UK/Europe Coordinator

Anish is specifically taking care of UK/European Intended Parents coordination for fertility treatments. He has more than 15 years of professional experience and specializes in field of Marketing and customer services. He has gained his experience working in India, Qatar and now based in UK. Owing to his customer first approach, he has been chosen by the customers to receive the UK excellence award for outstanding customer services in past. He has been a major in MBA and also done MA Sociology.

Anish is also working for Red balloon, a charity for helping the children undergone bullying in UK.

Surrogacy lawyer in india

Radhika Thapar Bahl

Legal advisor

Radhika Thapar Bahl has huge experience related to registering babies for foreign parents in India. More than two hundred parents have already entrusted their legal cases to her and successfully took their babies home. Radhika will give you comprehensive advice before you enter any surrogacy commitments, in order to help you understand ever the minor details of the process of registration and legalization of your baby. Her approach to each case is very personalized; she always seeks to provide the client with comprehensive and detailed reports, and guarantees successful outcome. Read More..

CA Gopal Kedia

Finances adviser

G. K. Kedia & Co, Chartered Accountants in Delhi is one of leading CA firm in India. They have been ranked in 29th in India’s & 8th in Delhi’s Prominent & Upcoming Chartered Accountants Firm by a leading Monthly Magzine of India. They are an ISI 9001:2008 accreditated Firm, which provide world class services in Accounting, Auditing, Income-tax, Company Formation services, FEMA, International Taxation, Transfer Price, FDI, etc. He is also Council Member of NIRC of ICAI & has been Treasurer and Vice Chairman. He and his team take care of all finances, taxing and accounting work up of IVF Conceptions


 US on Saturday early morning. Angela is so cute and we are thinking of having her brother after a year. We will let you know when we are leaving Russia.

Here’s what just some of our IPs have said

On April 18th, my wife Laura and I were fortunate enough to have a daughter born via surrogacy in India. From what we are told, she will be one of the last if the ban on commercial surrogacy for foreigners put in place last year is not reversed. Read More

Baby Nola Surrogacy baby

C & L ( USA)

Hoping to have wonder babies, we initiated the process with Neelam at IVF Conceptions. Her warm concerns and dedicated helps drive this process moving through frustrated change of surrogacy policy in India. Read More

Surrogacy baby sleeping


Baby exit process for UK couples is always time consuming process and it takes a lot of documentations and diligent participation from all parties to have a successful exit process.Read More

A surrogacy baby

J.A (UK)

We are so glad to inform about arrival of twins for our single Intended Parent.. Â This was his first attempt with Asian egg donor and he was successful in first round of embryos transfer with twins.Read More

A surrogacy baby

JL (Singapore)

We are so happy and announce birth of little baby girl S to our Sweden couples. They have been lucky to have baby on first attempt with donor eggs. Almost a year ago, you helped us to start our parenthood journey. Read More

A surrogacy baby

HS (Sweden)

Thank you so much for yours help. You have put us in safe hands. Baby A and us are going back to US on Saturday early morning. Baby A is so cute and we are thinking of having her brother after a year. We will let you know when we are leaving Russia.

A surrogacy baby


We were VERY happy with the services we received from IVF conceptions and have already recommended to others. Being international patients, we had many questions and concerns before coming to India. We had 24/7 service via email and text and they accommodated our every need even post service. Thank you for making our wishes come true!Read More

A surrogacy baby

SS (Canada)

First, let me say that we would gladly recommend Neelam as an agent for surrogacy.  We are a UK based couple and have been trying to conceive for some six years. Read More

A surrogacy baby


I hope you are well. Thank you so much for the regular updates – naturally we are delighted with how things are progressing. I still think about our time in India and it was lovely spending time with you and getting to know you better too.

Surrogacy baby sleeping

EZ (India)

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