What all your need to know about surrogacy in Russia?

What all your need to know about surrogacy in Russia?

by Neelam Chhagani

Surrogacy in Russia- A complete guide for the parents. 

Commercial surrogacy in Russia has been available after 1995. The very first surrogacy baby was born in Saint-Petersburg. The sanctioned law concerning commercial surrogacy and financial compensation for pregnancy was confirmed in November 2011

Surrogacy in Russian federal is not explored as much as any other destinations. Although commercial surrogacy has been there in Russia, not much attention is paid by the fertility seeker or surrogacy seeker in this country.

The political conflicts and not friendly relationship with the rest of the world can be a reason that most intended parents were not enthusiastic for surrogacy in Russia.

Nevertheless, the world is opening for surrogacy in Russia now.

In this article we will cover:

  1. Surrogacy in Russia, a complete guide.

  2. Is surrogacy legal in Russia?

  3. Why choose surrogacy in Russia over other counties?

  4. Surrogacy cost in Russia

  5. Conclusion for surrogacy in Russia

Surrogacy in russia is a good option in asian

Surrogacy in Russia, a complete guide

Russia is a less explored but an affordable and legally secure surrogacy option for the single parents in Eastern Europe

We, along with, our local team of dedicated professionals is here to help Intended Parents who wish to pursue their ART services/surrogacy services in Russia.

Numerous couples already realized parenthood via our Russian surrogacy services. We can do the same for you!

We have partnered with one of the most Elite IVF Clinic in Moscow. Our IVF Clinic did exceptionally well over the years with outstanding success rate. Our local office is in Moscow and will be happy to meet you to get started your fertility journey with us.

The IVF and surrogacy clinics in Russia has demonstrated a high success rate. The medical facilities are as excellent as any US or European IVF Clinics. The more prominent hospitals are opting for medical tourism patients and thus keeping the quality standard and outcome much higher as needed by international patients.

The fertility and surrogacy services offered in Russia are :

  • All Intended Parents are entitled to obtain fertility treatments with the help of Assisted Reproduction Technologies or Third Party Reproductive assistance in Russia. This country does not discriminate based on its citizens or foreigners coming for medical treatment purpose.
  • Sperm donation and egg donations are allowed but are anonymous.
  • Freezing of eggs/sperms/embryos is allowed.
  • Legal age limit for a female to obtain fertility treatment is 50 years.
  • A surrogacy agreement is allowed between the Intended Parents and surrogate mother.
  • Only two embryos can be implanted in a woman at the time of embryo transfer.
  • Fetus reduction is allowed.

Advantage of surrogacy in Russia:

  • Russia is the most developed country among third world countries. The overall health quality and nutrient supply are useful even in the lower income group.
  • High-quality IVF Programs is available not only in the capital of Russia but also in the local clinics with more affordable prices.
  • Russia is a surrogacy friendly country. The procedure of obtaining a baby birth certificate is easy with only the name of Commission Parents. No court order is needed.
  • Affordability with good IVF and surrogacy services.
  • Availability of extensive database of Caucasian egg donors an option of using Asian origin egg donors.
  • Gender Selection is allowed via PGD.
  • Taking baby home process is quick

About Surrogate Mother in Russia: 

In Russia, generally, surrogates are young, lower- or lower-middle-class women with no higher education. They are typically single, divorced or widowed women from small towns as well. Surrogates are provided accommodation in the surrogate house during the pregnancy period; however, if they wish, they can also stay with their families.

  • Looking at her current program status, she can choose to stay in the surrogate house.
  • No matter where they prefer to stay, they are restricted to smoke or take alcohol once they are enrolled in the surrogacy program.
  • Besides this, we encourage to use Asian surrogate mothers who have a healthier lifestyle and are ready to stay in the surrogate house all the time.

Requirements for an egg donor:

As per Russian law having an egg donor for any fertility, treatments are allowed. It means, the egg donor profiles can be shared with the intended parents.

However, the egg donor in Russia is anonymous, means the intended parents are not given the contact detail of the egg donor, but they can have the full profile in particular with her pics as well.

An egg donor in Russia should be young and healthy girls, with below requirements.

  • Age between 20 and 35 years
  • She has one child of her own to show she is a fertile egg donor
  • Healthy lifestyle habits, to give the best possible chances of success

Visa requirement for Russia:

All foreign nationals are obliged to have entry visas to travel to the Russian Federation.

The following documents should be submitted to the Russian Embassy or Consulate to obtain a Tourist Visa to enter Russia:

  • Your original passport with at least two blank visa-designated pages (passport must be valid for at least six months after intended departure date from Russia).
  • Two copies of the Russian visa application form completed and signed.
  • Two passport-size photos signed on the back.
  • Confirmation of hotel arrangements from an authorized Russian travel company, or directly from the Russian hotel, showing reference number and confirmation number for the visa.

Surrogacy_in_ Russia gaining momentumIs surrogacy legal in Russia?

Russia is one of the few countries where surrogacy is allowed by law. Surrogacy in legally allowed in Russia as per Federal law On Basics of Health Protection of Citizens of the Russian Federation, published in January 2012.

The law permits married couples and unmarried couples, including foreign citizens to the right to participate in gestational surrogacy arrangements in the country.

The issues that are not discussed in Russian legislation are as follow:

— Unmarried couples’ right to surrogacy;
— Single infertile women’s right to surrogacy;
— Single men’s right to surrogacy, but for gay couples, there are no clear laws for acceptance or denial.

One of the obvious drawbacks of the Russian legislation is that the surrogate is not obliged to give her consent on putting the intended parents’ names on the baby’s Birth Certificate and thus she can keep the baby.

Besides this, the cost of surrogacy in Russia is slightly higher than in nearby countries like Ukraine and Georgia. 

To avoid such situation, it is advised to undertake your surrogacy program with reputable and experience surrogate agency. Further, if Asian origin surrogates are used as a gestational carrier, such a situation can be eliminated.

Russia is one of the few countries where commercial surrogacy is allowed legally. Gestational surrogacy laws in Russia are among the most favorable in the world. According to Russian Gestational Surrogacy Law, the Birth Certificate issued in the name of Intended Parents directly, and there is no need to conduct any Court Hearing.

As a rule, ZAGS (Department of Vital Records) issues a birth certificate for baby/babies, delivered as the result of gestational surrogacy arrangements, within 3 – 5 days after the birth.

Russian Surrogacy Legislation says:

  • A surrogate should be in the age range between 20-35.
  • The female does not have to be married.
  • The lady needs to have at least a baby of her own and be mentally and physically fit.
  • Commissiong parents required to have reasons that they are unable to have baby, with the proven medical record.
  • Marital status of the intended parents is not essential. A single person has the right to use surrogacy
  • Both resident and foreigners can access surrogacy services.
  • Russian surrogates have full parental claims for babies (even if they have no genetic link). They cannot be denied such rights without their consent.
  • The surrogate signs documents defining their agreement to give the baby to the intended parents. However, if the mother chooses to keep the baby, there is little recourse for intended parents.
  • Surrogate mothers are allowed to restore their parental rights if they desire.
  • When the surrogate baby is 18, he or she may demand parental rights of his surrogate mother be revived.
  • Only gestational surrogacy allowed, not traditional surrogacy can be arranged.

Why choose surrogacy in Russia?

– Excellent quality of IVF, European standard Medical amenities to IPs and surrogates.

– Gender selection possible.

– Asian surrogate mothers, who do not smoke or drinks.

– IP names in the birth certificate

-Good Success Rate

-A huge database of Caucasian egg donors

-Legally favorable.

Surrogacy cost in Russia

As compared to western countries, the cost of surrogacy in Russia is affordable with world-class medical techniques. The abundance of young and beautiful egg donors and surrogate mother make surrogacy in Moscow more affordable and readily available.

The estimated surrogacy cost in Moscow, Russian can be:

  • IVF-ICSI Fee – 6,500 USD (included medicine, freezing embryos for one year)
  • Egg donor fee in Moscow IVF Clinic – 7,000 USD to 8,000 USD
  • Surrogacy cost in Russia-41,000- $4,000 USD paid in many installments.

A surrogacy family in russiaConclusion for surrogacy in Russia

We specialize in achieving parenthood via Egg Donation (Caucasian and Asian ethnicity) and Surrogacy in Russia to infertile couples and single men surrogacy in Russia.

We believe in the highest possible Medical technologies with much emphasis on patient-friendly approach and flexibility. Besides this, favorable surrogacy law in Russia also makes it legally safe and secure. To give comprehensive support, we offer to start to-end support with our locally based partner egg donor and surrogacy agency in Moscow.

We offer a unique advantage to our intended parents who wish to do surrogacy in Russia as follow:

  • Medical assistance like IVF-ICSI coordination before arrival to Moscow.
  • Egg donor and surrogate mother recruitment and coordination.
  • Local support on arrival for IVF and at the time of baby pick up.
  • Providing visa assistance.
  • Airport picks up and coordinating all visits to the IVF Clinic in Moscow.
  • Guide and support for documentation for baby exit process.
  • Hotel booking support.
  • Although we are the first-hand source of information and support, we do not charge any fee to you. All payment directly goes to local partner clinic. Your cost of treatment will remain the same or even less as we often bargain a lower IVF fee for our Intended
  • Reference from the successful surrogacy parents in Russia is available.
  • Surrogacy in Russia for a single man is available.  To know the more guarantee baby plan for gay couples, read more. 

Getting started with surrogacy in Russia.

  • Contact us and get all information about the process, price list, legal, admin. Once you agree to proceed, we will ask you to do PRE-IVF tests to make sure you are medically eligible.
  • Get access of Egg Donor Database and choose egg donors of your choice- You need to shortlist 2-3 donors in order of preference
  • Visit Moscow/ St. Petersburg to give sperms sample and to meet local coordinator and doctor.
  • IVF process (with or without egg donor)
  • Once embryos created- We will prepare your surrogacy agreement and egg donor agreement.
  • Sign all needed documents in Russia about surrogacy/, or you can sign them in email and send back.
  • Make payment as per invoice. All financial details will be discussed in advance and will be part of the surrogacy agreement and will not be changed after signature, even if there is an increase in price.
  • Get updated with pregnancy progress of surrogacy and baby development.
  • Two weeks before baby delivery come to Russia
  • After baby delivery goes and gets a birth certificate with the Intended Parents name.
  • Make apostille of birth certificate
  • Go to your embassy and informed about baby delivery, show birth certificate, an apostille
  • Get Russian exit visa for baby
  • Fly to your country with a baby

Are you ready to start the surrogacy process? Do you want to learn more about growing your family via surrogacy in Russia?  We are here to help!  Get in touch now to have a free consultation/Information about surrogacy in Russia. 


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