Surrogacy in Laos- What parents need to know about it

Surrogacy in Laos- What parents need to know about it

by Neelam Chhagani

Surrogacy in Laos- Risk, and opportunities to consider. 

Surrogacy in Laos is possible pertaining to no surrogacy laws.  Due to the single-party communist government, the prospect of any future optimistic regulation is dim.

The topic of surrogacy is new and much unknown to them.  Thus, it can be an opportunity for the nearby countries wealthy single or gay couples, who seek baby via surrogacy.  Undoubtedly, Laos is the only country to have available Surrogacy in Asia.

We will cover the following topic:

1.    Why choose Laos for surrogacy?

2.    Advantage of opting for Laos 

3.    Is surrogacy legal in Laos?

4.    Conclusion for Laos surrogacy

Surrogacy in Laos can be a option for asian surrogacy seeker

Why choose Laos for surrogacy?

Laos is the only country left in Asia continent to offer Surrogacy in Asia. It is a relatively new surrogacy destination for single and same-sex couples in southeast Asia.

Laos is a small but beautiful country located in Southeast Asia.  It shares its border with Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar. Vientiane is the capital of Laos.

Its geographical proximity with Thailand, make it ideal for upcoming surrogacy destination.  Surrogacy in Thailand was once flourishing surrogacy destination for parents from all over the world.  Its western outlook and extremely modern and advanced medical facility were a great opportunity for surrogacy seeker. 

Surrogacy agencies in Laos are mainly from the surrogacy operators from Thailand.

After banning in surrogacy in Thailand, most of Thailand surrogacy agencies and IVF Clinics have started their operation in nearby country Laos. Currently, there is no surrogacy law in Laos.   Lack of laws just makes it available for desperate couples, who are looking for low-cost surrogacy in Asia

Locally Government has not yet paid much attention toward this booming industry. Till any regulation comes, most of the surrogacy agencies in Laos are doing their best to provide fertility services, mostly for Asian couple who wish to attain parenthood via surrogacy arrangements.

After the ban on surrogacy in Cambodia, most surrogacy agents are doing IVF and embryos transfer in Laos Fertility Clinic.

Surrogacy clinic in Laos offered the following services in Laos:

  • IVF-ICSI with Assisted Hatching and blastocyst transfer
  • IVF with Egg Donation
  • Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
  • Gender Selection
  • HIV Positive IVF
  • Donated Embryos
  • Low-cost Surrogacy as compare to western countries
  • Same-sex surrogacy

Advantage of opting for Laos

Although surrogacy is unregulated in Laos, still it offers some unique advantage to the prospective Intended Parents.

  1. Its useful location in Asia. As Laos shares its border with Thailand, it is much easier for the IVF Clinics in Thailand to set up a new IVF Clinic in Laos. The IVF Clinic we work with are set up by the Thai doctor with all modern facility and good success rate.
  2. Experienced Surrogacy agency- As mentioned above the surrogacy operators and especially surrogacy agencies in Laos are from Thailand. So, they have years of experience handling the complex and long surrogacy cases.  Surrogacy in Thailand boomed for a long time. It gave enough experience and exposure to the surrogacy agents to know what they should do and what they should avoid.
  3. LGBT surrogacy available- Gay surrogacy Almost 90% of cases are from single or gay couples surrogacy seeker. As there are no surrogacy laws, so most single father or gay couples are accepted.  For married couples, it is advised to look out for more affordable and legally viable options like surrogacy in Georgia or surrogacy in Ukraine.  But if any gay couples looking for surrogacy in Asia, Laos is the only option left.
  4. Cost of surrogacy is still affordable – As Laos is not far from Thailand, many IVF Clinics in Laos are run by Thailand-based IVF doctors.  These fertility specialists come with advanced medical technology and experience in the sphere of surrogacy services. The surrogacy cost in Laos is still managed as compared to western countries.   We have seen many rich Chinese single male and gay couples, who find it still lucrative to do surrogacy in Asia due to almost no option left for them.

Surrogacy in Laos is possible unregulatedIs surrogacy legal in Laos?

Laos surrogacy has been growing in popularity owing to the increased influx of couples from the Asian continent, especially China.

This small, picturesque country is becoming an international destination for infertile couples looking to start families through surrogacy. There is no surrogacy law in Laos, making it a grey area. Lack of any laws does not mean surrogacy is allowed- but absent of laws just make it available and risky.

The local government officials are not sure of the future prospect of surrogacy from the legal standpoint. The lack of legislation, make the practice open to interpretation by the government and the surrogacy agencies.

The infertility treatment involving egg donation and surrogacy is controversial and lack of experience make it somewhat confusing as well. Although the legal framework is in place for international adoption and human trafficking, these topics are known to be risky and conservative by the officials.

Unfortunately, lack of knowledge about surrogacy can make officials treat surrogacy as restrictive and risky.

Because of this uncertainty and lack of laws, it is recommended to prospective intended parents to understand the risk that comes to an unregulated surrogacy destination.

It is advisable to Intended Parents to consult their local reproductive lawyer to see the feasibility of surrogacy in their country.

In Laos, the baby birth certificate has the name of the surrogate mother along with the biological father. After that, the surrogate mother will relinquish her right about the baby in written, in court and give full custody of the child to the biological father. Once it is done, Intended Father can initiate the exit process for the baby.

The parents need to know that due to communist regimes, their country embassies are having less influence over the local authorities. Unlike countries like India or Thailand, which have great foreign relationships with the western counterpart, Laos is still not open for such trade.

The countries like the USA which do accept surrogacy contract can help their citizens with baby passport and travel documents. This is done after DNA tests to establish the genetic link with the baby and parent.  However, it is not so easy with European countries where there is no legal framework even in their own countries.

In our opinion, Laos can be a good option for Chinese single male or gay couples. 

For them finding an Asian egg donor and a surrogate mother in a nearby poor country is easy and affordable.  Although it comes with risk, due to geographical proximity makes it easy to go to China to give birth to the baby.

Also, China has a good diplomatic relationship with the Laos authorities, which can give much-needed protection to its citizens, if needed.

surrogacy in Laos is option for single maleConclusion for Laos surrogacy

If you are looking to do surrogacy in Asia, then Laos can be your only option.  It goes without saying that the absence of regulatory legislation can make it a risky enterprise.

Commercial surrogacy in Laos is open to interpretation by the local movement authorities and surrogacy agencies in Laos.

That is why IVF Conceptions recommend doing surrogacy in countries which have the legal framework in place.  We do offer and guide for surrogacy in Ukraine and surrogacy in Georgia for married couples.  For singles, we do offer legal and most organized surrogacy in USA  and then a relatively new country – surrogacy in Colombia.

Cost of surrogacy in Laos can be manageable and affordable.

We only offer and work with Surrogacy clinic in Laos who believe in the common goal of ethical practices and wellbeing of all parties.

Our associated surrogacy agency in Laos, from Thailand, have 8+ years’ experience in handling local surrogacy cases for western and Asian surrogacy seeker couples.

It goes without saying that surrogate mothers are the real hero of the surrogacy process. The concept of treating surrogate mothers with full dignity and respect and giving them the best compensation is must for any surrogacy program.

Giving adequate healthcare and emotional to the surrogate mother during and after the baby birth is the topmost priority and we only support and work with them.

Are you ready to start the surrogacy process? Do you want to learn more about growing your family via surrogacy in Laos  We are here to help!  Get in touch now to have a free consultation/Information.