Complete Parents Guide To Reduce Cost of Surrogacy

Complete Parents Guide To Reduce Cost of Surrogacy

by Neelam Chhagani

Reduce Cost of Surrogacy is possible in eastern european country.Complete Parents Guide to Reduce Cost of Surrogacy with 12 actionable tips.

The most prevalent objection that intended parents have while opting for surrogacy process is high surrogacy cost.  That is why to reduce cost of Surrogacy is a crucial aspect for many hopeful parents.

Undergoing infertility treatment is daunting enough.  But, managing associated surrogacy cost is another distressing factor. Paying someone a huge sum of money to carry the baby along with associated medical, legal, and administrative fee can be intimidating and out of reach for many prospective intended parents.

“How much does surrogacy cost? ” is the most common question among the first time surrogacy process seeker.

Seeking gestational surrogacy as a family-building option is expensive by all means.

Surrogacy cost range from $110,000 to $150,000. No matter how hard you try to reduce the cost of surrogacy, it might be high enough to consider money-saving tips.

You may question how you are going to pay for surrogacy. Fortunately, there are some actionable tips which can help to reduce the cost of surrogacy.

When intended parents need only infertility treatments to achieve parenthood, it can include cost-effective methods like IUI (Intrauterine Insemination) and IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization). The cost of IVF is relatively manageable, but not less by any means.  In the USA, an average IVF cost can be $15,000 to $20,000.

However, sometimes, couples need assistance or help of a third person/persons to pursue their parenthood journey. That is known as third-party reproduction. Mostly an Egg Donor or a Surrogate Mother or both are involved in it. 

Besides these, a legal advisor, a surrogacy agency, and a medical team play an integral role in family building.

An egg donor is a young lady who donates her eggs for monitory compensation; this is known as Egg Donor IVF.

Reason for seeking Egg Donor IVF can be as follows-

  • Many couples need an egg donor due to age-related factor in a female partner or some medical condition like low AMH value.
  • Due to the absence of ovaries.
  • Some genetic condition which parent does not want to pass on to
  • For Gay men- IVF with Egg donor is only mean to become parents.
  • Egg donor assisted IVF is standard nowadays. You can choose a known or anonymous egg donor for your infertility treatment.

For a few couples, gestational carrier, known as a surrogate mother, is only hoping to become a parent.

Reason for seeking Gestational carrier can be as follows-

  • This can be due to the absence of uterus in the female partner
  • Age-related factor in the female partner
  • Some form of a severe medical condition, which makes it too risky to carry the baby to term.
  • For gay men, taking help of surrogate mother as a gestational carrier is the only option to become a parent.

Third party reproduction services need to be considered carefully after thorough research. Once you know the surrogacy cost break up, it is easy to understand how to keep the surrogacy cost low without compromising the quality or output of the surrogacy process.

Here are some money saving tips to Reduce Cost of Surrogacy for you. Below are a few factors to consider to manage surrogacy cost and depending upon the individual case, you can pick the best one or two for you.

 1. The Health Insurance of the surrogate mother.

It goes without saying that Infertility treatment like IVF Cycle is a costly medical procedure. The medical cost of the IVF process is higher in western countries and sometimes not included in insurance coverage.  That is why it is good to know what medical procedure and to what extent it is included in health insurance.

Does insurance cover surrogacy is common questions for many parents? 

Although not all health insurance companies include surrogacy related pregnancies in the coverage, but still many covers the surrogacy associated services.

It is good to ask the surrogacy agency, which health insurance cover the cost of fertility treatment and antenatal care and delivery for the surrogate mother.  As most of the surrogacy agencies work with surrogacy friendly insurance companies, they can guide you and help you to choose the right plan.

Choose a surrogate mother who already has a health insurance cover which is applicable for a surrogacy process. 

Sometimes surrogate mother already has medical protection for pregnancy and delivery of the baby. So, while choosing a gestational carrier, choose someone who has health insurance.

2. Save the cost of Medicine for the IVF cycle.

As we all know the cost of medication for IVF Cycle, especially stimulation injection can be exorbitantly high, it is wise to look out for pharmacy option where you can get the best discount on medication.

Some online pharmacy also provides fertility-related drugs at a much lower price. Some international online pharmacies have fertility medication prescription as little as 50%. It is good to order in advance in consultation with your doctors as it takes many days to arrive the medicine.

3. Choose your IVF Clinic wisely.

The cost of IVF varies from a clinic to clinic as per the location of the IVF Clinic. It is good to check with a couple of fertility clinics about the cost of the IVF cycle and what all included in it.

You can always ask from your surrogacy agency about the best IVF clinic in term of success rate and affordable price. The bottom line is many options available for IVF clinics, and you need to judge which suits you better in term of price and traveling.

4. Shared Risk IVF Cycle or Money back IVF.

A shared risk program or IVF Refund Program can be offered in many IVF Clinics.

All these programs work with the same basic principle that risks of the fertility treatment are shared by both Intended Parents and the IVF Clinic.

The Intended parents are asked to pay upfront a more significant amount, and the IVF clinic agrees to give positive results in a certain number of IVF Cycles. If IVF Clinic is not able to provide the desired result after many IVF Cycle, they refund most of the money.

So, it is in the best interest of the IVF Clinic to give the best possible result as soon as possible as the cost of each cycle is an additional cost to them. The Intended parent can be at peace as they know either they will get the pregnancy or their money back. So, it is a win-win situation for both IVF Clinics and Intended Parents.

lower cost surrogacy for couple is possibe now

5. IVF in developing countries.

IVF fee is alarmingly high in the US and most of the other European countries. Opting for other countries where low-cost IVF options are available is the right decision. It is good to know that affordable IVF Treatment or cheap IVF option is available in many countries without hampering the quality of services and success rate.

Do your research and see pro and con of choosing any location. Holidaying, along with undergoing medical treatment in some exotic locations, can be a good option. It will not only reduce the IVF cost to almost half but also give you a new perspective.

6. Eggs Sharing between two couples.

For those intended parents who need IVF with Egg Donor, this is an excellent option.

In this case, a suitable egg donor is selected, and her eggs are divided equally between 2 couples. The good thing is that the cost of Egg Sharing IVF is low and it can be affordable for two couples.

The down thing is that the number of embryos created can be small as only half the eggs are given to each couple. Nevertheless, it can be an excellent option to try. If all goes well, you might be successful with first embryos transfer and can also freeze a few for the future attempt!

7. Consider cross-border surrogacy/International Surrogacy to Reduce Cost of Surrogacy

Surrogacy cost is higher in countries like USA and UK. So, the key is to look out for countries where surrogate mothers are available at low compensation.

It is good to look out to countries where commercial surrogacy is allowed with legal security and excellent medical facility. There are many third- world countries which were surrogacy hub at one time, but most of them are closed or getting closed.

Surrogacy in India, Surrogacy is Thailand, surrogacy in Nepal and Surrogacy in Cambodia were a popular option at one time. But as of now, each respective country has banned it.

Still, a few legally viable options in eastern Europen countries are available. Currently, surrogacy in Ukraine and surrogacy in Georgia is an affordable surrogacy country with lowest surrogacy cost.

For gay couples, a new surrogacy option in Latin America is coming with the promise of extremely financially viable with legal security.  To know more about surrogacy in Colombia, read here. 

A new market in Southeast Asia, surrogacy in Laos is also coming up, but it is still unregulated. You need to choose your best option considering your marital status, citizenship, financial situation.

It is advised to consult an independent reproductive attorney to understand the cross-border surrogacy option for a specific case.

8. Find a friend/relative as an egg donor to reduce the cost of Surrogacy.

A friend or relative who is ready to donate her eggs can be a good idea.

This will make the parenthood journey more comfortable as you are familiar with the person, and she comes with added care and passion for you, not just for money. It is wise to take care of legal agreement with a reproductive attorney to avoid issues later.

9. Find a friend/family as a surrogate mother to reduce the cost of Surrogacy.

Time and time we hear about cases where a mother or sister has become a surrogate.

If you can find someone within the family, it can be very assuring emotionally and financially as well. Such a decision is filled with love and compassion, and surely, they are the one cherished for a lifetime.

Better to have a relative or friend as a surrogate mother

The major part of the surrogacy cost the surrogate mother compensation. In most state, the surrogate compensation varies from 30,000 USD 50,000 USD.

Another miscellaneous expense like loss of wages and traveling cost etc. is on top of it. So, in case you can find a gestational carrier within the family, it can save a lot of money and also can give you peace of mind due to familiarity with the surrogate mother.

10. Surrogacy agency who give values for your money.

While choosing surrogacy agency, it is essential to know what all service is included and what not.

Take surrogacy cost breakdown with an explicit mention- what is IVF Fee, Egg Donor fee, Surrogate mother compensation, and antenatal care fee, legal agreements fee or any other administrative fee?

Do ask for an incidental fee like a baby delivery fee, what if surrogate conceive twins, PGD (Pre-Implantation genetic diagnosis) fee.

Generally, for a successful pregnancy, it takes 1-3 attempts of embryos transfers. Ask your surrogate agency to give you three attempts of embryo transfer in one-time agency fee.

Many agencies do it without charging an additional fee for second or third attempts of embryos transfers. Even if you are not successful in first embryos transfer, you will be at peace to know that you can still try two more times.

11. If possible, opt for the Guaranteed surrogacy baby program.

In the Guaranteed surrogacy program, although the overall surrogacy cost is higher, it is the obligation of Fertility specialist and surrogacy agency to do everything possible in their control to give you a successful outcome.

They will recruit a young egg donor with a good number of eggs or proven egg donor for you.

A surrogate mother with good health and immunity. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is also made in such cases to make sure only healthy embryos are used for transfer. PGD also rule out any genetic defect in embryos, which can boost implant chances and reduces the miscarriage in early pregnancy.

Generally, for accepting for such program, the agency will define a few parameters for you. Nevertheless, it gives you great peace of mind to see someone is delicately working to achieve the dream of parenthood for you.

12. Skip the surrogacy agency services and opt for Indy surrogacy

Finding an independent surrogate mother instead of using a surrogacy agency can save up to $15,000 to $50,000 upfront unless you handle your surrogacy process carefully.

It goes without saying that surrogacy agency can help you in saving money in the long run.

Although a surrogacy agency offers tons of information and emotional support, it comes with a cost. If you think you can manage the full surrogacy program yourself, you should go for it. But a word of caution is to do diligent research and read as much as possible. Join the support groups/forums for parents and surrogate mothers to learn from other parents experience.

You might need to do extra paperwork, give more time to research and investigate, but you can save money by skipping the agency. The independent surrogacy is a process where parents do not take the help of a surrogacy agency and manage their full surrogacy journey themselves.  Of courses, doing independent surrogacy, parents can Reduce Cost of Surrogacy.  Independent surrogacy cost varies from &75,000 to $110,000.

Conclusion for reducing the cost of Surrogacy

As every pregnancy and childbirth are different, so each surrogacy parenthood journey is different. For some, it does work for the first time and for some, it takes couples of attempts. What is essential is not give up on the most cherished dream. Be positive, be patient and be persistent.

The key is to plan well in advance and be prepared for any hidden expenses. Ask and understand surrogacy cost breakdown as per the stage of the surrogacy processSome so-called “incidental cost” is part of all infertility treatments, and you need to be aware of it in advance.

Are you planning to become parents via surrogacy process?  We can help you in finding your best surrogacy destinations with the reduced cost of surrogacy.  Get in touch now to have a free surrogacy consultation and to understand the price for surrogacy to start your parenthood journey now!

I am Neelam Chhagani, CEO and International Patient Follow-up Manager, representing IVF Conceptions. I work as a surrogacy consultant and assist and guide the Intended Parents to become parents via surrogacy, globally.It will be my great pleasure to assist you.

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