Surrogacy Process- Free Consultation for International Surrogacy Seeker

Surrogacy Process- Free Consultation for International Surrogacy Seeker

by Neelam Chhagani

Surrogacy Process for childless couples

Completely free consultation for Surrogacy Process and what is right international surrogacy for you. 

Childless couples can expect a legally secure and affordable surrogacy process with us. Together we can make parenthood possible for our lovely couples.

Our Mission: To build families for childless couple via surrogacy process. 

Our mission is to build your families with surrogate pregnancy for all fertility seeker, globally.

We strive to provide high quality yet affordable surrogacy services to all irrespective of their race, religion, marital status, economic, social background, and geographical locations.

About Us: Guiding and supporting parents to have a baby via surrogacy process with a focus on low-cost surrogacy.

Your one-stop solution for Fertility and egg donations and surrogacy services, Globally. We make parenthood possible.

Why are we different and how we can guide you to choose the ideal international surrogacy services. 

We believe every health care provider is doing their best to make positive changes in the life of Intended Parents. But what makes us apart is our desire to go that extra mile to make your parenthood journey a rewarding experience.

We are a knowledge powerhouse who will be discussing all your possible options and guide you through all the way. We believe in educating our IPs, so we all can feel confident before embarking parenthood journey through surrogacy.

Financially, we believe in absolute transparency with all possible cost discussed in advance. As most infertility treatments including egg donation and surrogacy are costly, we make an effort to cater to the need of all Intended Parents by designing affordable surrogacy options for them.

Cost should not be a factor stopping anybody from the joy of parenthood. That is why, if someone cannot afford costly US surrogacy arrangement, we can offer other affordable yet trusted international surrogacy services.

Why you need us and how we can save money and time during your surrogacy process. 

In 2010, research by the World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 48.5 million couples worldwide are unable to conceive a child. The rate of infertility is continuously increasing due to changing lifestyle and professional commitments coming before family building.

Assisted Reproduction Technologies including egg donation and surrogacy are becoming a vital part of the family building for many couples.

Besides this, singles and gays, have no other option other than choosing IVF with egg donation and surrogacy to have a child. The Internet is filled with many opportunities; many of them dodgy in operations. Many options can be confusing and need thorough investigation in term of experience, cross-referrals, the breakdown of the price list, hidden cost, and level of assistance provided.

When it comes to undergoing a treatment like international surrogacy process, which involves lots of emotional and financial enterprise, it is good to consult a reliable and trustworthy people.

  • Enough time and attention are given to each IP and with personal case manager available to assist you 24*7 *365.
  • We work and offer services with the most trusted, experienced and successful IVF Clinics and international surrogacy agencies in multiple countries.
  • We are LGBT friendly and offer surrogate mother for gay couples.
  • Guarantee baby surrogacy programs offered to save your money and time.
  • Our services are free of cost.

Surrogacy process can help a childless couple to have a baby

How do we work?

  1. To start with, we help you understand your surrogacy options with cost and risk/opportunities.
  2. We will answer all questions and inform you of updated paid surrogacy programs globally. As we have almost ten years of experience assisting intended parents, we make sure to discuss risk and benefit associated, country wise.
  3. Based on what is the best option for you, we coordinate and put you in touch with our long and trusted partner and coordinate your full journey with them. From the start till the time you have gone home with baby/babies.
  4. As we get negotiated price from our partners IVF Clinic and surrogacy agencies, so you can get double services with a lower fee.
  5. Over the years we have a healthy relationship with IVF clinics, surrogacy lawyers, egg donations agencies, surrogacy agencies. Our world-class network helps you to have a seamless surrogacy experience.

Surrogacy process and cost varies depending upon the international surrogacy destination. 

Surrogacy in India – Guarantee Baby Plan

It is only available to Indian citizens as of now. The general cost of surrogacy with an egg donor and IVF services is around 13 Lacs INR to 15 Lacs INR.

Surrogacy in Ukraine– Guarantee Baby Plan

Surrogacy in Ukraine is only available to married hetero couples. A doctor recommendation letter is needed for explaining why you need a surrogate mother. The cost of the general program is $40,000 to $43,000. The guarantee baby program is available and costs around $60,000

Surrogacy in Georgia, Guarantee Baby Plan

Again, surrogacy services in Georgia are available to only married hetero couples. No doctor letter is needed to be eligible for surrogacy services. The approximate cost for general IVF, egg donor and surrogacy program are $42,000. There is the availability of guarantee baby program, which cost around $60,000.

Surrogacy in Russia

The surrogacy service s in Russia are available to both married couples and singles. The cost of IVF, egg donor and surrogacy is around $55,000 to $60,000

Surrogacy in the USA

The surrogacy in the USA is most organized but expensive as well. It is equally available for married and single or LGBT surrogacy seeker. The full price range from $85,000 to $120,000 and it includes the IVF fee in leading fertility clinics, surrogate matching fee, and legal fee.

Surrogacy in Mexico – Guarantee Baby Plan

The guarantees surrogacy program is available in Cancun, Mexico for single parents. It includes an unlimited number of IVF with an egg donor and an unlimited number of transfer in surrogate mother till you have a baby. The cost of guarantee baby surrogacy in Mexico is around $105,000.

Surrogacy in Laos

Surrogacy in Asian countries is not regulated. After the ban on surrogacy in Asian countries, the option of doing surrogacy in Laos is available as there are not laws as of now. Nevertheless, it can be risky as parents rights are not protected. The general cost can be around $60,000 to $65,000 for single parents who wish to have IVF, egg donor and surrogacy services in Asia.

Surrogacy in Colombia – Guarantee Baby Plan for single or gay couples 

Surrogacy in Colombia has all the attributes that make it desirable surrogacy destination for a single male or gay couple surrogacy. The cost of surrogacy is affordable with state of art medical facilities.  Colombia welcomes single or same-sex couples with equal warmness as any straight couple. We recommend a guaranteed baby plan costing around $64,000, all inclusive.

We are here to help!!  Get in touch to know the ideal surrogacy process as per your specific requirements.

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