8 Simple Tips for a Successful Surrogacy pregnancy

8 Simple Tips for a Successful Surrogacy pregnancy

by Neelam Chhagani

surrogacy preganncy for couplesA Surrogacy pregnancy can be an enriching experience for intended parents.

In a typical surrogacy process, a woman ( known as a surrogate mother) agrees to carry and give birth for another person or couples ( known as intended parents), who are unable to have a baby themselves. This arrangement is mostly legally bound.  The surrogacy pregnancy is achieved with the help of the medical procedure known as IVF cycle.

So, surrogacy pregnancy meaning is to achieve a successful pregnancy with the help of IVF treatment using eggs and sperms from the intended parents and transferring the embryos in surrogate mother. The surrogate mother carries the baby to full term and give birth and then hand over the baby to the biological parents.

Nowadays, many Intended Parents embark surrogacy journey as a mean of becoming parents. With medical advancement, becoming a parent via a gestational carrier (surrogate mother) is a relatively reachable goal. But it goes without saying that achieving a surrogacy pregnancy and surrogacy baby is a complicated and long process and involves lots of emotional and financial enterprise.

The would-be parent has multiple challenges and they need to make sure they are in the right path to become parents.

1. Finding the Right Surrogate

By far, finding the right surrogate mother is the most crucial task of a surrogacy process.

If possible, intended parents should take help of a reputed and credible surrogacy agency. Many times, due to the lack of correct information, commission parents risk obtaining deceitful individuals that will not be able to keep typically the promises they make.

It is advised to meet the potential surrogate mother.  You can meet many surrogacy candidates before finalizing the one which you feel comfortable and confident.

Meeting in person gives a different perspective and you can learn much more by interacting face to face.

Most intended parents lose more money than they can save by avoiding the surrogacy agency.  Surrogacy agencies have surrogacy coordinator whose main job is to hire, screen, and check the surrogate detail before matching them with intended parents.

Instead, you should work with a professional surrogacy agency or surrogacy facilitator who have excellent credentials and experience in the field.

 Also, a trusted and experienced surrogacy agency, follow and keep track of the surrogate progress so that parents can have much-needed peace as they have known someone is there to keep an eye on surrogate mother.

When a friend or relative act as a surrogate mother

If you are lucky enough to have a friend or a relative to be your surrogate mother, still lots of work needed. It is required to work as a team with IVF Clinic, gynecologist, surrogacy lawyer, mental health counselor, and support groups. A good heart to heart bond is needed between the surrogate mother an biological parents.

Consider all types of surrogacy and choose the one which works best for you. 

2. Insurance Cover for Surrogate Mother

It is good if the surrogate mother is covered by a satisfactory medical insurance policy at all times.  If she already has medical insurance, make sure it is valid for surrogacy as well.

The overall financial of the full surrogacy cost can be kept in check if the surrogate mother has health insurance to cover the prenatal and delivery of the baby.

In case if you could not find a surrogate mother who has health insurance, your surrogacy agency can recommend the best plan for your case.  You can have a lawyer to review her insurance policy.

3. Know the surrogacy law and abide by them

Understand the laws of surrogacy in your country.  In the USA, each state has specific surrogacy laws.   In some states surrogacy is illegal.

Doing the research and knowing the surrogacy laws of the country wherever you wish to initiate the surrogacy process is essential.

As in surrogacy pregnancy, multiple parties are involved, so understanding and protecting all parties rights is important.

The surrogacy law is different country wise. For doing surrogacy in the USA, consider the surrogacy status in your State as each State has different surrogacy laws.

There are a few countries where the principle of surrogacy is entirely banned, but a few nations around the world support it.

Rather than taking chances, it is sensible to talk to a legal expert. Preferably someone who has substantial experience and information about the particular legal implications of surrogacy.

Surrogacy pregnancy4. The credibility of the surrogacy agency matter

If you are using a surrogacy agency, still some work is needed from the commission parents.

The trusted surrogacy agency comes with lots of credibility and experience. Interacting and meeting with the surrogacy coordinator will help you to understand the surrogacy process and their general attitude toward the surrogate mother.

Ask for several references who have already used agency and speak to them about the pros and cons of surrogacy agency you wish to use.

It is always good to have a recommendation.  Also, the surrogacy agency fee varies as per the services they offer. Some of the surrogacy agencies offer premium services and come with an extra cost.

 5. Careful Financial Planning to avoid high surrogacy cost

 Whether you are employing a professional surrogate mother or perhaps a friend or maybe a family member as a surrogate mother, you can never undermine the financial implication of a surrogate process.

Surrogacy pregnancy cost is much more than you thought even if you use a friend as a surrogate mother. 

Make sure you have enough fund to get started and always keep aside a sum for contingency ( at least 10% of total surrogacy cost).

The overall surrogacy cost will be still higher due to unseen complications that may arise. The goal is to aim for low-cost surrogacy services without compromising the quality.

In third world countries, the cost of the overall surrogacy program is much lower than in western countries. The little surrogate mother compensation and affordable IVF treatment and medical facility is the primary reason for it. East European countries like Georiga and Ukraine offer affordable yet legal surrogacy services for couples.  For single, Colombia is a good option.

A surrogacy facilitator can help you find the best IVF Clinic and low-cost gestational carrier.

 6. Having the right relationship with surrogate mother

Maintain a transparent relationship with your surrogate mother and be honest to her.

It is a complicated relationship, which is not only confined to be able to an agreement, money, and surrogacy services. It is very much more than that. Although it is a special relationship, it ought to be built upon honesty, faith, and mutual respect.

Always try to have a flexible relationship with your surrogate mother. Too very much interference or a dominating attitude could ruin typically the connection.

7. Use an escrow account during the surrogacy pregnancy

No matter you are using a friend as a surrogate mother or using a surrogate mother provided by the surrogacy agency.  It is recommended to use an escrow account.

Having an escrow account gives assurance to the parents and to surrogate mother that the financial part is taken.

Your surrogacy agency can help you set up an escrow account or assist you with various options.

8. Be flexible during the surrogacy process.

In a typical surrogacy process, there are many things which are out of your control.

The outcome of IVF Cycle, the success rate of embryos transfer in surrogate mother, miscarriage at any stage of a surrogacy pregnancy are few aspects of surrogacy which even the most prepared parents cannot avoid.

The optimum approach is to take each stage as a milestone and enjoy each stage. Being flexible and optimistic can help both the parents and the surrogate mother.

Love and compassion is the key to creating new life.

Conclusion for surrogacy pregnancy tips

If you are planning to do start a surrogacy process, it is not an easy enterprise. Thorough research and planning are needed before you embark this tiring but exciting journey.

Surrogacy is a complicated procedure where a lady carries the baby for the biological parents, also known as commissioning parents. She is known as the gestational carrier or surrogate mother. She is not genetically linked with the baby, but act as a carrier for a full term.

The goal of any surrogacy arrangement should be to have a baby with the help of fertility treatment known as IVF ( In Vitro Fertilization) and surrogate mother. The full journey, including all experience and emotions, should be pleasant for all parties. Surrogacy pregnancy process is not as easy as said.

Are you looking for for a surrogacy process to become parents?  We have been assisting intend parents globally in becoming parents via surrogacy services which are affordable yet legal.  Get in touch now to have a hassle-free and enriching surrogacy experience.

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I am Neelam Chhagani, CEO and International Patient Follow-up Manager, representing IVF Conceptions. I work as a surrogacy consultant and assist and guide the Intended Parents to become parents via surrogacy, globally.It will be my great pleasure to assist you.

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