Surrogacy in Kenya- What all you need to know about african surrogacy?

Surrogacy in Kenya- What all you need to know about african surrogacy?

by Neelam Chhagani

Surrogacy in Kenya- Risk versus opportunities 

Surrogacy in Kenya, an unregulated surrogacy option in Africa. Although the cost of surrogacy in Kenya is affordable, however, it comes with the risk of unregulated surrogacy territory.

Till date, Kenya has no law governing Surrogacy. However, it has been offering surrogacy successfully to African patients for many years.

Kenya is a small country located in East Africa with a coastline on the Indian Ocean. Nairobi is the capital of Kenya and houses the primary medical facility related to fertility and surrogacy services in Kenya.

This article will cover:

  1. What you need to know about surrogacy in Kenya

  2. Is surrogacy is legal in Kenya?

  3. Surrogacy in Kenya for a same-sex couple

  4. Surrogacy Laws in Kenya

  5. Selecting Surrogate Mother in Kenya

  6. Conclusion for surrogacy Kenya

surrogacy in Kenya is low cost option for african couples.

What do you need to know about surrogacy in Kenya?

We advise Intended Parents to be careful of all surrogacy options in Kenya. It is good to consider alternative options if your financial resources permit.

The issues with unregulated and grey surrogacy market are that the surrogacy process is already a long and complicated process. It involves the creation of new life with lots of citizenship issues for surrogacy baby and having no law in place make intended parents and surrogate baby more vulnerable.

The risks of unregulated surrogacy programs usually are a lower quality of health care within the country, ad the overall risk to some passengers in Nairobi.

Surrogacy in Kenya is still unregulated but broadly tolerated as a fertility treatment. The Kenyan constitution does accept the creation of a family.

So, it doesn’t surprise the IVF and surrogacy in Kenya is broadly accepted, while at the same time viewed skeptically by religious leaders.

With constraints arising in southern and southeast Asia, many surrogacy agencies are offering cost-effective options in Kenya and similar destinations.

The desire to have a baby in an extremely cost-effective surrogacy program, bring couples to this African country. However, the risks are essential, and the healthcare facilities are usually appraised as mediocre.

Estimates of infant mortality in Kenya for 2017 are 37 per 1, 000 by the CIA World Fact Book. That makes Kenya the 49th most dangerous place to have a kid globally.

The U.S. State Department often carries on to issue travel advisories for the country. The U.S. Crime and Safety report specifically warns of violent street crime targeted at Westerners in Nairobi itself.

Kenya is among the most anti-homosexuality cultures globally. A 2007 Pew Global Attitudes Project showed that 96% of Kenyan residents believe that homosexuality shouldn’t be accepted; this was the fifth highest rate of nonacceptance in the 45 states surveyed.

surrogacy in kenya for local citizensIs surrogacy is legal in Kenya?

The Reproductive Healthcare bill of 2014 offer surrogacy in Kenya to altruistic agreements only.

That means the couple can pay reasonable expenses to the surrogate mother but cannot compensate for carrying the baby.

The line of order is the same as surrogacy in the UK or surrogacy in Australia. Like surrogacy in the UK, parental order needs to be applied so that couples can get the legal right to the baby. As per the law, surrogate mother or birth mother is the legal mother and parent need to take the legal process like – Parental order to gain the full custody of the baby.

Surrogacy for a same-sex couple?

Homosexuality is widely considered repugnant, and the condition punishes same-sex sexual acts as offences.

For these reasons, each same-sex couples should think twice before choosing Kenya as a place to go for surrogacy. Those couples travelling in Kenya must exercise strict discretion. For same-sex couples, it’s necessary they don’t portray yourself as a same-sex couple while in the country.

Surrogacy contracts must be concluded only between one partner and the surrogate mother and should not quote the name of the Intended Father’s sexual orientation or relationship status.

Same-sex couples frequently suffer stigma perpetuated by healthcare providers who breach their privacy and confidentiality by exposing their sexual orientation to other colleagues in the centers. The healthcare providers aren’t friendly.

  • Please note being a homophobic nation, so if you are a gay couple seeking surrogacy, you and your partner will not be able to attend the hospital together.
  • Citizenship processes for Australians have proved to be lengthy.
  • Surrogacy in Kenya is not recommended for foreigners unless you have a high-risk tolerance and are prepared for putting significant effort during your surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy Laws in Kenya

It is a new surrogacy destination which has come into existence due to ban in most of the Asian countries. Fertility treatment in the form of IVF is widely practised and accepted in Kenya. However, surrogacy remains a new domain.

It goes without saying that for foreigner surrogacy in Kenya is a relatively new and still unexplored option.
Kenya has no surrogacy law regarding gestational surrogacy. There is a pending regulation In- Vitro Fertilization act of 2014. This bill makes it possible for heterosexual couples to hire a surrogate mother in Kenyan IVF Clinic.

The Kenyan capital Nairobi has many good IVF clinics which are offering surrogacy services successfully to African couples. Most of these clinics are run by successful IVF practitioner from India.

According to the Kenya Reproductive Healthcare Bill 2014:

  • The surrogate mother should be at least 25 years old.
  • She should artificially inseminate with embryos of another couple.
  • The Intended Parents should be a heterosexual couple or single in a stable relationship.
  • A child born via surrogacy in Kenya will have citizenship of the Intended Parents according to their citizenship law. Once the baby is born, the baby birth certificate has the name of the birth mother and biological father. The surrogate mother reliques her right over baby, the biological father, can take the baby home.

Selecting Surrogate Mother in Kenya

The surrogate mothers are easy to find in Kenya as poverty and lack of good employment option pushes young girls to become a surrogate mother.

So, how much are surrogate mothers paid in Kenya? A typical surrogate mother price in Kenya can be around $10,000 to $15,000.

But, before enrolling a surrogate mother in a program, there are few criteria which she needs to fulfil:

  1. She must be in the right age group of – 22 years to 35 years.
  2. She should have at least one child of her own with no known complications during or before the delivery of her baby.
  3. No habits of smoking or alcohol.
  4. She should be physically and mentally fit and understand the process and her responsibility toward the program.
  5. Clear all medical/psychological screening and should not have any sexually transmitted diseases
  6. No history of miscarriage or abortions.
  7. If married, husband consent needed in writing.
  8. Ready to stay in the surrogate house for full pregnancy term for better monitoring and success rate.
  9. She should be motivated by not only finance but desire to assist a family in having a child.
  10. Conclusion for surrogacy Keny

surrogacy in kenya for african childess couplesConclusion for surrogacy Kenya

The surrogacy in Kenya can be good surrogacy option for local Kenyan resident couples. Intended parents from the nearby country can apply for surrogacy as well. The cost of surrogacy in Kenya is still affordable for local parents.

However, anyone from western countries, especially same-sex couples need to avoid this unregulated option. The risk is much more than opportunities.

There are few international surrogacy agencies which offer surrogacy services in Kenya, but Intended parents need to exercise their judgment to opt for it.

We can recommend you Altruistic surrogacy program in Kenya with our partner IVF clinic in Nairobi using a surrogate from Kenya. But to be honest, we lack past experience working with any parents who completed their journey there.

The other cost-effective international surrogacy options are more safe and legal. For example– For singles parents, surrogacy in Colombia is much more reliable and quality oriented for gay couples.

For married couples, the surrogacy in Ukraine and Surrogacy in Georiga, still the most legal and affordable options.

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