How much does surrogacy cost in Laos?

How much does surrogacy cost in Laos?

by Neelam Chhagani

surrogacy cost in LaosHow much does surrogacy cost in Laos? 

The question is not more of “surrogacy cost in Laos”, but of security that is needed for an international surrogacy process.

Surrogacy Agencies have recently started opening in Laos. Surrogacy in Laos is open to foreigners. This beautiful country quite near to Bangkok has turned out to be a destination for gay couple surrogacy or single male seeking to extend their family through surrogacy. The reasons are apparent – lack of strict legislation and low surrogacy cost in Laos.

Laos is one of the poorest countries, with almost no foreign investments. That is due to a corrupt environment within the state. The one-third of the population is below poverty and has limited access to a modern medical facility.  Laos also has a poor human right record as well.

Surrogacy for same-sex couples is not permitted in many countries, but lack of any laws make it available in Laos.

Childless foreign couples are paying attention to IVF clinics in Vientiane, the capital city bordering Thailand. The gay surrogacy in Laos is more common, and most of them are Asian males.

Earlier, surrogacy in Thailand was great options for Asian couples looking for surrogacy in Asia. However, the Thai Army banned it in 2014 for foreigners. Other fertility services like IVF PGD are still available to childless couples. The overall cost of IVF in Thailand is still affordable, and the success rate is high.

After the ban on surrogacy in Thailand, most local Thailand surrogacy agency started its operation in Cambodia. Most of the IVF Clinic is set up by the Thai fertility doctors and supporting staff. Cambodia surrogacy cost was much similar to Thailand.

However, after official ban on surrogacy in Cambodia in early 2017, a close by option in the form of Laos has popped up.

Laos surrogacy options may not be much tempting to western couples due to lack of proper infrastructure. However, Chinese couples find Laos as a good option for compensated surrogacy. Surrogacy is not legally allowed, nor they want to pay high surrogacy cost in the USA, forcing them to go to nearby unregulated countries.

The typical surrogacy costs breakdown

The surrogacy costs in Laos is likely to be around $60,000 which is almost similar to that of East European countries, and there are no formal restrictions.

The cost may seem to be reasonably high compared to the standards of Eastern European clinics. The Surrogacy cost in Laos includes everything from a screening of the surrogates and egg donor, medical procedures of IVF with genetic testing and antenatal care and travelling of surrogate mother.

  • IVF with genetic testing
  • Egg donation
  • Surrogacy services
  • Legal support for the baby exit process

The number of IVF cycles are restricted in low-cost packages, and there can be no guarantee that the couple will leave for home with a baby. It is good if parents opt for guaranteed baby surrogacy plan.

One needs to keep in mind that only a few clinics in Laos have the necessary infrastructure to handle surrogacy services until the birth of the child. That is why most of the agencies offer IVF in Laos clinic, but then surrogate is flown to a nearby country like Thailand for antenatal care and baby delivery.

Sometime surrogate may go to the country for the parents to give birth to the baby. That is probably another reason that influences the cost of surrogacy programs in Laos.

Reputed clinics are mostly founded by Thai specialists with proven expertise in fertility treatments but are practising in Laos due to the change in laws in Thailand.

surogacy in Laos is unregulatedConclusion for surrogacy costs in Laos

Laos surrogacy Laws are not well defined. No legal protection is provided to the parents and surrogate mothers. Absence of enforceable laws, make surrogacy in Laos a grey area. That is why we do not recommend surrogacy in Laos due to:

1. Unregulated surrogacy destination
2. Not good medical infrastructure for surrogate mothers
3. Army laws with no cooperation or tie up with other countries
4. High surrogacy cost as compared to the quality of services

In our opinion if someone has enough financial resources, then opting more secure and stable option is better.

For married heteros couples, surrogacy in eastern Europe is the best options. Surrogacy in Georiga and Ukraine are a great destination for cheapest surrogacy.

Gay couples are still exposed to the risk of unregulated surrogacy. Most single parents settle to this option and remain in fear of government crackdown on surrogacy.

A new and more legally secure option of surrogacy in Colombia is offered to gay couples. This Latin America country provides the best medical services with guarantee surrogacy baby plan( @64,000 USD) in the almost same cost as in Laos.

Are you ready to start the surrogacy process? Do you want to learn more about surrogacy in Asia? Contact us to have a free consultation to start your surrogacy journey in Laos. 

I am Neelam Chhagani, CEO and International Patient Follow-up Manager, representing IVF Conceptions. I work as a surrogacy consultant and assist and guide the Intended Parents to become parents via surrogacy, globally.It will be my great pleasure to assist you.

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