Surrogacy Agency Guide

Surrogacy Agency Guide

by Neelam Chhagani

Surrogacy Agency Guide

In case of infertility treatment options involves egg donor/sperm donor or surrogacy services, it is advisable to search for a Surrogacy Agency that is competitive and has experience in handling delicate issues associated with Third Party Reproduction.

Choosing a surrogacy agency that will facilitate Surrogacy Arrangement is an important decision and requires diligent research.

It is recommended to consider referrals from physicians, attorneys, friends, relatives or previous couples who have completed their program.

It is also possible to find information by doing online searches.

Before approaching any egg donor or surrogacy agency, it is important to understand what are your exact requirements and expectations. Ask questions to yourself as what level of assistance do you need from agency and approach agencies which are ready to give such customized support to your individual needs.

There are few Intended Parents who have time and resource to handle administrative, medical, and legal aspects and they just need surrogate mother and consultations from surrogacy agency.

Alternatively, some Intended Parents can decide to leave everything on surrogacy agency.  This kind of arrangement has its own advantage, as it will result in the least amount of stress and give more emotional and psychological support throughout the program.

Whatever your case, it is important to keep doing diligent research and asking as many questions as possible.  Good to know about the process including legal aspect, cost breaks down, level of assistance in getting baby travel documents, and any possible hidden cost.

It is good to know screening process for egg donor/surrogate mother and routine tests done on them before enrolling them in the program, and their choice of baby delivery.

Bottom line is that you should feel confident with the information provided to you and all communications should be quick and professional.

Are you looking for a surrogacy service and in search of a good egg donor or surrogacy agency?  Feel free to contact us to have a best of the option.

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