Neelam Chhagani

Neelam Chhagani

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Neelam Chhagani


Neelam Chhagani is director and founder of IVF Conceptions, an India-based Fertility Medical Tourism consultancy specializing in donor and surrogacy services. Neelam has over eight years of experience working in medical sphere and more than five years of experience in organization of fertility treatment services in India. She has acquired indispensable experience and valuable knowledge in field of reproductive technologies which she is readily available to share with Intended Parents. Over the years, she gained expertise and experience in handling surrogacy and egg donations program in India, Nepal, Mexico, Georgia and Thailand/Cambodia. Before starting IVF Conceptions, Neelam has 4 years of experience working as head of leading International Surrogacy Network. Once you send your inquiry, she will be your primary contact. She will be personally assisting you in choosing best available programs depending upon your requirements. You can discuss process, price and medical details and your eligibility criteria with her.
She brings her remarkable organizational and personal experience to IVF Conceptions and leads each and every program with great commitment and personal care. In short, she is extremely passionate about people dealing with infertility and always available with all her dedication and experience.

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