What all you should know about the guarantee surrogacy baby?

What all you should know about the guarantee surrogacy baby?

by Neelam Chhagani

What all you should know about the guarantee surrogacy baby plan?

Most fertility treatment seekers are attracted to “guarantee surrogacy baby” or “Pregnancy Guaranteebaby plan” and there is a reason for it.

Probably the most challenging situation of being infertile has to deal with the uncertainty of an IVF or reproductive cycle!  To capitalize on this fear,  pregnancy guarantee IVF or surrogacy plan are offered to the childless intended parents.

Unlike other medical procedure, the outcome of the IVF cycle cannot be guaranteed.  This uncertainty means the Assisted Reproductive Technique (ART) process is extremely stressful for childless couples due to the high cost and unpredictable outcome.

Although there is not much health-related risk while undergoing IVF treatment in reputed IVF Clinic, the significant risk is financial and emotional loss sometimes.

In this article we will cover:

  1. What is guarantee baby plan and will it reduce the surrogacy costs?

  2. How guaranteed baby plan work?

  3. General Eligibility Criteria for guarantee surrogacy baby

  4. Conclusion for pregnancy guarantee IVF or surrogacy plan

Surrogacy process for gurantee baby plan

What is a guarantee baby plan? Will it actually reduce the surrogacy costs?

It is clear why several couples are drawn to Pregnancy Guarantee particularly in the US where infertility treatments prices are high.

Pregnancy Guarantee may have value for clients that are anxious and concerned about surrogacy outcome and need some sort of reassurance about the viability of the IVF or surrogacy process.

The extra costs of a Guarantee baby plan are not for any medical service, but to provide a feeling of safety to the Parents. A Pregnancy Guarantee program might cost more money, but that cost provides the security of a baby.

Many intended parents would be willing to accept the financial risk if they could reduce the emotional downside.  That means if parents could be assured that they will get a baby for sure after investing all the time, money and energy in the reproductive treatment.  It can be a lucrative offer for them.

Unfortunately, a successful out of IVF cycle cannot be promised.  However, if you are working with reputed IVF Clinics,  they can surely provide a high-quality medical facility and guidance during the fertility journey. But it will give a positive outcome, it still remains a mystery.

Accepting a negative outcome of the IVF cycle is incredibly emotional for couples and for a female parent, it can be more heartbreaking.

To avoid such devastating situations and give some peace of mind, many surrogacy agencies do offer “guarantee surrogacy baby” to parents.

It is like a win-win situation for both parents and fertility professionals. 

The intended parents get the baby for sure at a lower cost but pay more money to initiate the process. On the other hands, the IVF clinics get time to give successful outcome, and they are sure the couple will not leave them for any other IVF Clinic.

Surrogacy baby is possible via IVF treatmentHow guaranteed baby plan work?

In a guaranteed plan, IVF cycle expectations are always met, although it may take many cycles to achieve pregnancy.

As per most fertility doctors, intended parents can expect a successful IVF pregnancy within 1-3 embryos transfer attempts.  There is a possibility of having a successful pregnancy for the first time, it is not guaranteed every time.

So, some childless couples opt for “guarantee baby program or money back IVF plan” to have peace of mind at higher IVF fee.

IVF has a limited success rate and there are no guarantees of a successful outcome. You may need to be financially and emotionally ready for further fresh IVF Cycles if required.  The Guaranteed baby program, exactly offer this.

Attending to the needs of the Intended Parents, we can advise a surrogacy with egg donation program with multiple countries.

We have created an impressive Guaranteed Baby Plans to ensure intended parents.

There are many IPs who prefer to “Baby Guarantee” programs.  Such a program can give value and peace of mind to nervous parents, who are more worried about the outcome of surrogacy services as they know IVF does not give 100% guarantee in the first attempt.

The guarantee baby plan does not save too much money. However, it gives a sense of assurance to intended parents that their fertility clinic will keep trying multiple times, till the time you have a live baby.

Most money back program includes term and conditions that they will refund some amount of money if the lady is not pregnant within a time frame.

What these programs are offering is multiple attempts IVF, which means the clinic will keep doing embryo transfers till you’re either pregnant or till you give up trying.  In either case, they cannot provide 100% certainty that the Parents may have a baby.

General Eligibility Criteria for guarantee surrogacy baby

  1. Only for those parents who are looking for IVF with Egg Donor and Surrogacy can be offered such plan.
  2. Male partner should have a reasonably good semen analysis report.
  3. The plan is restricted to a certain time limit like 1-2 years.
  4. It consists of a pre-decided number of IVF cycles and embryos transfer in the surrogate mother.
  5. A fertile and proven egg donor is chosen by IVF Clinic or small group of profiles of the egg donor is given to choose from.

Intended Parents may take actions on their own to improve the chances of a successful outcome. The most critical factors are usually not the physician’s competence, but things which are in the parents own control, like the quality of the sperm and the fertility index of the egg donor.

Conclusion for pregnancy guarantee IVF or surrogacy plan 

The money back IVF program gives a partial refund if you don’t attain a successful pregnancy.

But in the guarantee baby plan, infinite attempts are given in which the practice claims to continue performing IVF cycles until there’s a successful live baby.

Multiple IVF processes won’t make an infertile couple fertile. However, the probability of having a child is higher if the parents keep trying without running out of money.

We offer the lowest surrogacy cost with a baby guarantee programs in Ukraine and Guarantee baby surrogacy plan for married hetero couples.

For single male or gay couple seeking surrogacy, we offer pregnancy guarantee program in Colombia and Mexico.

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