IVF With Egg Donation

IVF With Egg Donation

by Neelam Chhagani

IVF with Egg Donation

Egg Donation has become an integral part of IVF.

IVF with donation is suggested to those Intended Parents who are unable to provide their biological material due to age factors, adverse medical conditions or to avoid genetic transmission of faulty genes.

The exact process remains same as IVF, but instead of Intended Mother’s ovum, a young and healthy lady ( known as egg donor) egg are or genetic material is used for fertilization.  The resulting embryos are placed in Intended Mother’s uterus in hope of pregnancy.

As per specific requirement of couples, egg donor or sperm donor and sometimes both are used to facilitating the fertilization, this process is known as Donor IVF.

It is worth to mention that few clinics do encourage shared donor IVF cycles as it keeps the overall cost low. This could be an ideal option for couples who have financial constraint and they agree beforehand in written that they willing to share the Oocytes with another couple. One of the disadvantages of sharing donor IVF is that couple end of having fewer embryos and this could lead to no or fewer numbers of embryos for the future attempt.

We offer a huge diversity of egg donors to our IPs.  We have Asian, Oriental, Caucasian, African-American and Latin origin egg donors with experience and proven fertility.  We are partnered with most trusted and experienced egg donor agencies across the globe and managed to get to bargain a affordable pricing for our IPs.

We also provide travelling egg donors assistance for our IPs.

In case you are looking for any specific egg donor, please feel free to write, we will do our best to assist.