Fertility in Elder Women

Fertility in Elder Women

by Neelam Chhagani

Infertility can be sometimes attributed to advance age in the female partner. For male partner, it is still possible to have good sperms at the age of 50. However, for a female partner, the wear and tear are more common and an onset of infertility is early. Generally, after an age of 35, fertility for female drops and once she touches 40 years of age, the drops in fertility and success rate of IVF is drastic. Besides age, food intake, lifestyle habits play a big role in fertility of both male and female. The body and mind of both couples need to be in sound condition to enhances the success of any infertility treatment. If a couple is trying to conceive and not pay enough amount of attention to their lifestyle, diet, and overall general health it can be a contributing factor for infertility. Once you seek the advice of fertility specialist, she will explain to you why keeping a calm, relaxed, and stress-free mind important for conceiving a healthy child. Beside smoking, and drinking alcohol is highly advised to have successful out for IVF treatment.

We understand it can be really frustrating to understand why you are suffering from infertility and your desire to get pregnant and accomplish a baby delivery without any serious health issue. For this reason, our elite gynecologists and infertility specialists provide you most appropriate guidance and direction to enhance your fertility condition to an optimum level.

Fertility and nutrition diet

Most of the infertility cases occur due to ovulation disorders and it can be controlled through proper diet and lifestyle alteration. That is why fertility specialists highly recommend the proper diet for the proper ovulation and overall health of female partner. A balanced and controlled diet comprise of all necessary enriched food ingredient such as protein, vitamins, minerals, zinc and antioxidants which provide our body healthy outlook to enhance fertility. Apart from this, green vegetables, cereals, egg, milk, citrus fruits, liquid intake. must be included in your diet Maintaining a healthy weight height ratio, regular workout and regular health check-ups add value to your fertility.

Fertility can be enhanced by positive lifestyle choices. That is why restraining from the habit of smoking and taking alcohol should be avoided by both partners. Smoking seriously affects the number of sperms in the male partner along with destroying their quality as well. In the mother, smokes lead to infertility by increasing the risk of ovulation disorders. Smoking also affects ovaries and depletes eggs prematurely and making it difficult to conceive and increase the chances of miscarriages. Living a stress-free and healthy life is the need of hours if you are looking for infertility treatment.

We believe in providing extensive counseling and proper planning to reduce and curb the impact of your lifestyle choices on your fertility and boost your chances of getting pregnant in safe and healthy manner.

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