Complete guide to choosing a surrogacy agency.

Complete guide to choosing a surrogacy agency.

by Neelam Chhagani

10 things to consider while choosing a surrogacy agency.

Once you have decided to pursue surrogacy arrangement to become parents, choosing a surrogacy agency is another tough decision?

Irrespective of the fact you are doing surrogacy in your city or cross-border surrogacy arrangement, choosing a surrogacy agency need a lot of research. The journey of parenthood can be one of most enriching and overwhelming experience, only if you choose wisely. It is advised to consider below pointer while choosing a good surrogacy agency.

  1. Look out for Recommendations– It is good to take advice from your friends or relatives who already traveled this path before you.   Your doctor can also recommend surrogacy agencies to you.  However, especially follow the advices of those who had gone through this path themselves, as no one can be better than one who has firsthand experience.
  2. Support Groups– With current times of web connectivity, you can surely find lots of support group like forums and blogs.  You can sign for such groups to share your story and to have access of other stories too!
  3. Emphasis on Communications– Since surrogacy can be an emotionally draining process, it is important to know how things are going!! Especially, if you are doing a cross-border surrogacy, the long distance and time zone variation can make you vary.  See how promptly you get replies and do you get your queries/doubt solved in right manner. A beginner can have many questions; you should see how understanding, patience and accurate information you get from your agency coordinator.
  4. Assisting in the Legal matter– Each country has their own specific legal understanding of surrogacy laws. It is advised to confirm beforehand about the legal standing of your choice of country and how much assistance you will get before, during and after birth from the legal team.  It is also advisable to consult a local family lawyer in your country to understand your actual situation.  It might be possible that surrogacy is allowed in the country you are choosing, but what if your own country do not recognize surrogacy and might not give you citizenship and travel document for your baby.
  5. Transparency in term of price– As most surrogacy program comes with a huge financial burden, it is important to know total price with the breakdown of cost for your program with unseen incidental cost etc.  A good agency is one which not only gives price list for your program, but also let you know any unseen cost which might occur later.  Transparency is the key as finance is one o the important factor for most of IPs.
  6. Reputation and experience– It can make you feel confident if your chosen surrogacy agency has the history of successfully completing many cases in past. A trustworthy agency will make sure all their clients have smooth process providing all possible flexibility to them.
  7. Referral from previous IPs– You can always ask for referrals from past IPs who have done their program successfully.  It goes without saying that all agencies have list of IPs who are happy and other list who did not have so good experience.  What is important is to have your own judgment and not to be lured by handful of fake experience.
  8. Focus on relationship– A good agency is compassionate about their work and love to build trust with IPs. Look out for the sign the – your agency pushing to you to sign up or rather takes time to clear your doubt and thus making you an informed client instead of forcing their choices on you.
  9. Additional services for international IPs– Most of people associated with surrogacy sphere know and understand how daunting a cross-border surrogacy program may be. Having a child in unknown countries with unknown people can be a scary feeling.  It is good to choose someone who goes one step higher to assist international IPs. Choose someone who assists you in logistic part including accommodation help and in general provides you local guide and support. It is good if they can assist you with fixing appointments with doctor, translator for foreign clients/surrogate mothers, pro communicative and round the clock availability for international IPs.
  10. Trust your judgment- As each us have our own judgment system based on our personal experiences and interactions with outside world, take final decision based on your own gut feeling. Try to ask as many questions as possible and move ahead with someone whom you trust and feel comfortable with. Take an informed decision!!!

 Hope you will choose the best team to start your parenthood journey via surrogacy.

I am Neelam Chhagani, CEO and International Patient Follow-up Manager, representing IVF Conceptions. I work as a surrogacy consultant and assist and guide the Intended Parents to become parents via surrogacy, globally. It will be my great pleasure to assist you.

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