Eligiblity Criteria Surrogate Mother

Eligiblity Criteria Surrogate Mother

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Eligibility Criteria for Surrogate Mothers

  1. She must be in right age group of – 22 years to 35 years.
  2.  She should have at least one child of her own with no known complications during or before delivery of her own baby.
  3.  No habits of smoking or alcohol.
  4. She should be physically and mentally fit and understand the process and her responsibility toward the program.
  5. Clear all medical/psychological screening and should not have any sexually transmitted diseases.
  6. No history of miscarriage or abortions.
  7. If married, husband consent needed in writing.
  8. Ready to stay in the surrogate house for full pregnancy term for better monitoring and success rate.
  9. She should be motivated by not only finance but desire to assist a family to have a child.

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