Cryo Shipment Assistance

Cryo Shipment Assistance

by Neelam Chhagani

Cryo-shipment for Sperms and Embryos

This facility is needed to those Intended Parents who want to send their frozen biological materials or embryos to another city or country for the purpose of infertility treatments.

With the onset of latest technology, it is possible to cryo-store human gametes or embryos for a considerable time in clinic facility/Cryobanks.  If required same can be shipped to another city or country.  Looking at the emotional values with frozen samples for a childless couple, it is advisable to have a reputed shipper who has experience in handling long-distance cryo-shipments.

Sperm Bank

The ideal candidates for donated sperm are couples struggling with male infertility issues, lesbian couples, and single women.

There are many Donor Semen Banks, worldwide.  They assist Intended Parents with pre-screened sperm donors of their choice; however, Danish Sperm Donor Banks are most popular across the world due to their good looks, high educational qualification, easy availability and good compensation for anonymous sperm donors.

There are various sperm donor websites which provide the physical, medical, social and childhood details of sperm donors to prospective Intended Parents.

Donor semen sample vials can be bought just by filing online purchase form from these sites. It has been found that the success rate with fresh semen sample is equivalent to the frozen sample used if all other conditions are same.