Kenya Surrogacy Clinic

Kenya Surrogacy Clinic

by Neelam Chhagani
Surrogacy is an arrangement between a woman to carry and deliver baby for another individual or couple who are unable to conceive due to-

  • Missing or abnormal uterus:
  • Had multiple failed in vitro fertilizations;
  • Had multiple pregnancy losses or due to unexplained medical condition;
  • Gay men seeking parenthood;
  • Severe medical condition in female partner which can have fatal consequence;

Surrogacy is a most complex form of infertility treatment due to medico-legal issues and great financial stake.

Surrogacy in Kenya is relatively new surrogacy option which has come into existence due to ban in most of the Asian countries.  Fertility treatment in the form of IVF is widely practiced a and accepted in Kenya, however, surrogacy still remains a new domain.  Kenya is offering surrogacy services to many African couples in the past and now opening its doors to foreigners as well.  It goes without saying that for foreigner surrogacy in Kenya is relatively new and still unexplored option.

Surrogacy Law in Kenya

Kenya has no surrogacy law in regard to gestational surrogacy.  There is a pending regulation In- Vitro Fertilization act of 2014.  This bill makes it possible for heterosexual couples to hire a surrogate mother in Kenyan IVF Clinic.  Kenya’s capital Nairobi has many good IVF clinics which are offering surrogacy services successfully to African couples.  Most of theses clinic are run by successful IVF practitioner from India.

According to the Bill, the surrogate mother should be at least 25 years old and can artificially inseminate with embryos of another couple. The Intended Parents should be a heterosexual couple or single in stable relationship.

A child born via surrogacy in Kenya will have citizenship of the Intended Parents according to their citizenship law.  Once the baby is born baby birth certificate has the name of birth mother and biological father.  Once the surrogate mother reliques her right over baby, the biological father can take the baby home.

Both Single and Heterosexual couples are allowed to pursue surrogacy in Kenya.

Selecting Surrogate Mother in Kenya

Before enrolling a surrogate mother in a program there are few criteria which she needs to fulfill.

  1. She must be in right age group of – 22 years to 35 years.
  2. She should have at least one child of her own with no known complications during or before delivery of her own baby.
  3. No habits of smoking or alcohol.
  4. She should be physically and mentally fit and understand the process and her responsibility toward the program.
  5. Clear all medical/psychological screening and should not have any sexually transmitted diseases
  6. No history of miscarriage or abortions.
  7. If married, husband consent needed in written.
  8. Ready to stay in the surrogate house for full pregnancy term for better monitoring and success rate.
  9. She should be motivated by not only finance but desire to assist a family to have a child.

Egg Donor Surrogacy in Kenya IVF Clinic

It is possible to hire an egg donor for your surrogacy program.  In case you wish to use known egg donor, you can bring your egg donor as well.  The shipment of embryos and sperms is also possible.

About our Kenyan Surrogacy program?

We are proud to present our Altruistic surrogacy program in Kenya with our partner IVF clinic in Nairobi using a surrogate from Kenya. We have worked with many IPs from various countries and can guide you through the legal quagmire via this solution.

Why Kenya?

1. In Kenya, it’s not illegal for a foreign national to undergo Embryo Transfer under a private arrangement that the surrogate may have with any Intended Parent.

2. And our agency will facilitate this process whilst giving you access to the best legal and medical advice. Delivery of your surrogate will take place in Kenya and you can also have your names on the birth certificate.

3. The cost of surrogacy program is still affordable as compare to other surrogacy destination. So, low cost can make it more favorable.

4. It is good to mention that surrogacy in Kenya can be an option for singles man or gays who do not have much cost-effective surrogacy options. In case of married hetero couples, it is advising to do surrogacy in Eastern European countries.

The process of Kenya surrogacy arrangement

1. Sign mutual agreements, select Egg Donor/ Self-donor first and undertake a sperm analysis test.

2. We will then confirm donor availability and sign contracts directly with the Donor agency or facilitate your agreement with the donor agency.

3. Sign Contracts between agency and parents.

4. Undertake blood tests and sperm analysis at the most 2 months before your visit to Kenya or any other country.

5. Plan your first trip for at least 4-5 days.

6. Day 1 leave your sample and IVF on the same day ( in case we need to leave another sample on day 3… )

7. Depart Kenya – Pregnancy test results due in 14 days after this..( Please note that the embryo transfer will take place in the surrogate mother only when she is medically ready and prepared).

8. Get timely update about the progress of surrogate pregnancy.

9. Plan baby delivery and exit process. It takes around 4-6 weeks from birth till baby get travel documents.

If you have any specific questions or if you wish to know more about Kenya surrogacy, please feel free to write at