Its twin Babies!!

Its twin Babies!!

by admin

It is double happiness for our Taiwan Intended Parents as twin babies are on its way.

It goes without saying that a positive pregnancy brings so much joy for prospective Intended Parents.  And, when it is twins, it cannot be more joyous!

We are glad to share the news of twins for our lovely IP from Taiwan.  A well planned and organized cross-border surrogacy program is very important for parents so that they are aware of the process and expectation, well in advance.  It makes the overall process an enriching experience for them.  This way all can put the best foot forward and can be more confident.

It has been an easy and enriching process for this IP and eventually a news of having a twin in the first transfer is keeping them happy this Christmas and New Year.  We are delighted to be part of their surrogacy journey and look forward to healthy babies.  Lots of love to their kind surrogate mother.  Happy New Year to everyone!

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