How to choose a destination for surrogacy?

How to choose a destination for surrogacy?

by Neelam Chhagani

How to choose a destination for surrogacy?

Surrogacy is an arrangement between a woman to carry and delivery baby for another individual or couple who are unable to conceive.

Of all infertility treatments, surrogacy is becoming common now days. Around 10% of couples, who go for infertility treatments, end up opting surrogacy as their path of parenthood. Increasing numbers of heterosexual are choosing surrogacy due to following reason-

  1. Sever medical condition like heart condition, high Blood Pressure, thyroid etc which makes pregnancy very risky for female partner.
  2. Medical problems with her uterus.
  3. Due to hysterectomy that removed her uterus.
  4. Some women choose surrogacy after unsuccessful attempt to get pregnant with variety of assisted-reproduction techniques (ART), such as IVF.
  5. Age related infertility

Beside above factors, surrogacy has also made parenthood possible for people who cannot have baby due to marital status or due to sexual inclination.  Surrogacy is also preferred option over adoption as baby born via surrogacy is genetically link with Intended Parents.

There are different types of surrogacy arrangement:

Gestational surrogacy where surrogate is only carrier of baby but has no genetic link with the baby. In this case gametes of both biological parents are used for fertilization and resulting embryos are placed in uterus of surrogate mother, in hope of implantation.

Traditional surrogacy is an arrangement where surrogate mother is genetically link with the baby, meaning, her gametes are used for fertilization.

Altruistic Surrogacy is a condition where surrogate mother received no financial benefit for her pregnancy, although generally all expenses related to pregnancy and birth are paid by the intended parents.

Commercial surrogacy is a form of agreement in which a gestational carrier is paid to carry the child full term in her womb. This kind of arrangement is legal in many countries including India.

India, Ukraine, Thailand, Mexico, Georgia, and some states of USA allows surrogacy, however, which country you choose again depend on many factors like your marital status, your citizenship, sexual inclination and your financial status.  For example, you can do surrogacy in India, only if you are married heterosexual couples with more than two years of marriage and can only come in Medical visa and for surrogacy in Ukraine and Georgia, only married heterosexual couples is the requirement and no medical visa needed. For surrogacy in Thailand and surrogacy in Mexico, not such restriction and any one can come for surrogacy program irrespective of their marital status and sexual orientation.

Countries where surrogacy is allowed and done widely are:

In India:  Surrogacy in India is possible if you are heterosexual married couple with more than two years of marriage. You can only come in Medical visa to give your biological materials (sperms and eggs). The cost of surrogacy program will be approximately $22,000.

In Ukraine: Surrogacy in Ukraine is possible if you are married heterosexual couples You can come on tourist visa and give your semen sample. The cost of surrogacy program will be $35,000 and cost of surrogate mother program.

In Thailand: Surrogacy in Thailand, is possible for all, even if you are single, married, gay or lesbian. For infertility treatment, you do not need to take visa, you can have on arrival visa.  The cost of surrogacy program is $30,000. If you wish to do surrogacy program with Thai donor, it can cost up to $35,000. After ban in India for single parent surrogacy, Thailand is next best option for single parent surrogacy.

In South Africa: Surrogacy in South Africa,  only available for residence of South Africa, no other national can do surrogacy here, although Donor IVF is very popular and South Africa has wide range of donors of all ethnicity.

In Mexico: Surrogacy in Mexico is allowed in one state of Mexico (Tabasco State). Single parent, gay and heterosexual couple surrogacy program is possible in Tabasco State.  The cost of surrogate program is $37,000 and if you need local Mexican donor egg donor it can go up to $42,000.  Although must say, surrogacy is very much new in Mexico and they are still struggling with initial challenges.

No matter what destination you choose, you should be aware of medical process, legal standing, citizenship issues for surrogate baby and all surrogacy related cost, including incidental cost.

I am Neelam Chhagani, CEO and International Patient Follow-up Manager, representing IVF Conceptions. I work as a surrogacy consultant and assist and guide the Intended Parents to become parents via surrogacy, globally. It will be my great pleasure to assist you.

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