IVF for HIV Positive couple

IVF for HIV Positive couple

by Neelam Chhagani

IVF For HIV Positive Couple

Most of the fertility clinics around the world do not work with HIV Infected couples (single or both).  Fortunately,  there are few countries which welcome HIV Positive Intended Parents for infertility treatments.

The most common method used is sperm washing. Although it is an effective way to deal with viral infection, yet chances of passing infection are there.

The idea behind sperm washing is to separate the actual sperms that will fertilize an egg from the seminal fluid, which is the part that is infectious and carries the HIV virus.

HIV has been shown to mainly reside in the seminal fluid of HIV positive males. If the fluid and sperms can be separated or washed, the risk of contracting HIV is greatly reduced not only to the woman horizontal transmission carrying the baby but also reduce the risk of vertical transmission, which is the transmission of the virus from mother to child.

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