Frozen Embryos Transfer

Frozen Embryos Transfer

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Frozen Embryos Transfer

Frozen embryo transfer (EFT) is a process in which frozen embryos are transferred to the uterus of the female partner, rather than fresh embryos.

This process can be useful when the couple is using donated embryos or if they have good quality frozen embryos left after an in vitro fertilization cycle with fresh embryos transfer. With the development of latest technology, it is possible to freeze and store good quality embryos at day 3 or blastocyst-stage with various freezing techniques.

Nowadays embryos are frozen using a vitrification technique, this process involves rapid freezing to prevent any ice crystals forming in the cells of the embryo. The faster the freezing process, the more likely it is that a frozen embryo transfer will result in a successful pregnancy.

Once embryos are frozen, it can be stored for many years. Although the chances of pregnancy are lower with frozen embryo transfer, the data is open to interpretation. When high-quality embryos are compared, there seems to be no difference in the likelihood of getting pregnancy whether you have fresh or frozen embryo transfer.

If you are looking for a frozen embryos transfer- donated one or your own, we will be happy to help you.  Please feel free if you have any questions.

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