Egg Donor Guide

Egg Donor Guide

by Neelam Chhagani

Choosing Egg Donor Guide

IVF with egg donation is suggested to those Intended Parents who are unable to provide their biological material due to age factors, adverse medical conditions or to avoid genetic transmission of faulty genes. The exact process remains same, only instead of Intended Parents ovum/semen sample, a young and healthy donor provide genetic material for fertilization and resulting embryos are placed in Intended Mother’s uterus, in hope of pregnancy.

Selecting an egg donor is one of the hardest decisions you will ever face. With so many different factors to consider during the donor selection process, it is important to think about what qualities mean the most to you and your partner. It is important to mention that look for egg donor who is in right age group, healthy, bright and looks like she could fit into your family while resisting the urge to look for a replacement for yourself. The decision of opting for a known or anonymous donor, keeping future contacts with donor and sharing the pics and information of baby resulting with donor program are some of the personal decision that you need to discuss in advance.

The legal aspect of egg donation program also needs to take care in advance. In most cases, your fertility clinic will draw up the necessary paperwork, but it is always worth having this checked by your own independent expert solicitor. Your donor should agree to relinquish any claim to the offspring produced by their donation.

Look out for egg donor agencies that provide the complete profile of donor including their medical, family, and social history along with sharing the result of the psychological evaluation. It is good to inquire about the past donation history of the donor, as it might make you comfortable to know that she is already familiar with the process and already helped some family to fulfill their dream of parenthood.

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