Egg Donation Process- Step-by-Step

Egg Donation Process- Step-by-Step

by Neelam Chhagani

Egg Donation Process- Step-by-Step

1.Matching Process

Once your detail is collected, the process of matching with Intended Parents start.  Looking at the specific requirement by parents and physical attributes, a donor can be shortlisted for a donation program. Your availability and menses dates are confirmed.


Once you are selected for the program, the medical preparation will start. You will undergo a fertility evaluation to verify the capacity of your ovaries to produce eggs. This consists of a physical examination and pelvic ultrasound. A more extensive physical exam, blood tests will also be performed once our physician has verified your ability to produce healthy eggs. The process of egg donation and associated risk or side effects will be discussed with you.

3.Pre-IVF tests for egg donor-

    • CBC/HB- Complete blood count/hemoglobin.
    • Blood group and Rhesus“ In case of blood emergency transfusion are required.
    • HIV -Human immunodeficiency virus
    • HbsAg -Hepatitis B
    • VDRL- Syphilis
    • HCV- Hepatitis C
    • FSH (CD2-4) follicle stimulating hormone tests for ovarian reserve (must be measured on day 2-4 of menses)
    • LH (CD2-4)- Luteinizing hormone (must be measured on day 2-4 of menses)
    • AMH Anti Mullerian Hormone.
    • Estradiol Level done on day 2nd or 3rd of the monthly cycle.
    • TSH Thyroid stimulating hormone/thyroid function test
    • Pelvic scan on day 2 to see antral follicles counts

4.Synchronizing with the recipient

To match your menses with the recipient (female partner) and to synchronize your cycle for upcoming IVF, you will be asked to take birth control pills. You will be specifically asked to leave birth control pill on specific dates so that you can have menses as per required dates. Once your menses start, you will be asked to come to IVF Clinic for evaluation and start of stimulation process.

5. Stimulating Egg Production

You need to take series of hormonal drugs which cause the ovaries to produce multiple mature eggs during one menstrual cycle. Fertility drugs are similar to the hormones but at higher doses. These injections are given in close monitoring of IVF Specialist and frequent scans and blood tests are done to see how you are reacting to stimulation. You need to visit clinic every day for injections. The injections start on day 2 of cycles and can to up to 10- 14 days.

A Final trigger- Human Chorionic Gonadotropin a single injection. This drug is injected after tests indicate that eggs have matured. Egg retrieval occurs 34-36 hours after this injection.

6. Egg Retrieval

This process consists of egg retrieval where mature eggs are removed from the donor. This process takes almost 15 to 20 minute and done under mild sedation with the help of trans vaginal ultrasound aspiration. It is a day procedure and you can go home after 1-2 hour rest in the clinic and after that, you can go home and take rest for a day. You will be prescribed an antibiotic to prevent infection and mild painkiller.

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