Blastocyst Transfer

Blastocyst Transfer

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Blastocyst Transfer

Generally, while doing embryos transfer, Day2 to Day3 embryos are placed in female partner uterus and this is a procedure followed by most of the fertility clinics.

However, blastocyst embryos transfer is a process in which embryo transfer is done on Day5 to Day6 after fertilization, by which time it has reached about 120-150 cells stage and known as blastocyst.

Although there is not much difference in success rate from Day2 transfers, however, a blastocyst can significantly reduce the chances of multiple births as only 1 or 2 good looking embryos, which have survived till Day5 in artificial condition are chosen and transferred. Nowadays most of the fertility clinics offer IVF with blastocyst transfer.

Our partner IVF Clinics have best of technology and success rate and are only prefer to do blastocyst transfer to optimize the success rate.  Are you looking for affordable yet highest success rate driven IVF treatment?  Contact us today and we will be happy to be part of your parenthood journey.

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